Riley The Survivor from the 2100s, stuck in a new world

{{Character Box
|player= Riley#1999
|name= Riley
|fullname= Riley Lee Kobelt
|altname= Rye
|race= Jackalope
|alignment= Nuetrual Good
|gender= Male
|height= 4" 12"
|weight= 161lbs
|haircolor= blonde
|eyecolor= blue
|age= 23
|dob= 8/11/2132
Setting= Phoenix Nebula

You fill in the personality here (approximately 100-200 words).: Riley is very untrusting of people, as he will observe them from a distance. It’s not that he dosen’t trust anyone it’s the fact he’s been betrayed a few times so he’s a bit jumpy and a bit skidish. Though he is friendly at best and would show a diffrent side when he knows someone well enough, another thing is he is ADHD and HFA (High-Functioning Autistic) which means he’s far more inteligent than he lets on. Though he is shy and friendly at best.

== Special Abilities ==
He’s a jackalope, his abilties are consisted of what species he is.
== Special Skills ==
Riley has a huge understanding of firearms, having his uncle (who was a marine) taught him how to operate a gun and even survival training. Learning alot he knows what’s out thier… Navigation was something he taught himslelf while travling through the wastes, other than learning a lot he’s skilled in a few fields

== Special Equipment ==

  • M16A4 (w/wood furniture, it has a 25rd magazine and is chambered in .308 rather than 5.56x45mm
  • Colt M1911
  • Two weeks worth of survival rations
  • 2x boxes of .308 & 3x boxes of .45ACP
  • ETC (under 20lbs)
    == Background ==
    Fill in where your character comes from that brought them here (approximately 100-200 words): Riley was 16 when the world ended, his aunt, uncle and him where in a fallout shelter with others. Doing what they could, life in the bunker wasn’t great; five years went by and they had emerged to rebuild socity. They made a settlement called Sanctaury Range in the projects of brooklyn, it’s been forever since they left the bunker.

Everything was good for a few months until a group of highway men calling themselves “The Sorrows” invaded sanctury range and killed everyone except for him and two others. He was 21 when that happend and the two people with him perished; he’s been traveling for awhile through the wasteland in search of people who can help him. More months went by before he came across a peice of the ISS station which he saw flying down earlier, seeing it was the chinease section he went towards it. Suddenly it started glowing as he touched it and suddenly a flashing light engulfled him and he ended up somewhere unfamiler with the chinease section of the ISS station.

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