Reworking Ansel into EoS Fae

{{Character Box
|player= darktrooper501
|name= Ansel König
|race= Light Fae
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= Male
|height= 6'5"
|weight= 167 lbs
|haircolor= silver and black
|eyecolor= grey
|age= 1380
|birthplace= City of Anhelin
|universe= Embers of Soreria
|occ= Knight
|figure= lean, with aquatic features like fin like ears, find on extremities and webbed digits. His skin is mostly pale or black.
|setting= Embers of Soteria

Noble and arrogant with a deep melancholy. He gets satisfaction from the act of killing but not torture. His time in the Dark Aether has left him with a grudge against the humans that were supposed to be his allies. He generally only respects those he deems his superior in combat

== Special Abilities ==

  • Superhuman reflexes
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman regeneration
  • Waterbreathing
  • Water based magic

== Special Skills ==

  • Swordsmanship - Through his time in the dark aether he has become a master swordsman
  • well educated - He can read and write, knows basic math and the history of his people
  • polyglot, knows common, elvish, draconic, dwarven and infernal
  • speech craft - taught basic persuasion techniques and rhetoric.

== Background ==
Ansel was born son of a duke in an elvish kingdom. He came of age during the time of the Great War. He witnessed the end of the war and establishment of the Central Alliance. Although he was not a part of those that went to the Valley of the Fallen Star to negotiate for peace with the Ageless Ones, he was called upon to fulfill the his duty in aiding the Great Banishing. He was also present when the Banishing happened and for the subsequent backlash that left his parents a pile of ash. Once across the threshold and in the Dark Aether he was burdened with the new task of helping protecting his kinfolk against the dark races.

Survival initially was very difficult as the mass of beings banished there caused a huge chaos that attracted demons and darker spirits. In time he connected with other Elven survivors and made a place for themselves in the hellish dimension. They founded the city of Daithr Indun. Life was tough especially in keeping their hunger at bay. Sometimes he had to look the other way when the people resorted to cannibalistic acts against slain enemies so they could stay their hunger.

The dark world had taken its toll on him over the long years he was there. He has no qualms about violence even though he did have an aversion to it before the banishment. He has mostly recovered his memories but remembering the good times is like reaching out to catch vapor for him. Subsequently he leads a bitter existence and easily falls into melancholy and suffers from night terrors. The changes extended to his appearance as he became paler in most all attributes.

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This is absolutely perfect and it is APPROVED!

As a note, the history text is pretty much exactly what I had in mind.