Rewards for Participation in Games

Participation is key to a successful RP community (duh). As such, I have organized rewards for people’s participation.

Running Plots

Running plots is not easy, it takes planning and consideration as well as a significant real-time commitment. As such, those running a successful plot to completion involving 2 or more characters will receive a bonus of 1000 guild points in addition to (if applicable) a badge here on the forum, to be later determined.

From now on Storytellers (those who run plots) can also ask for 500 points each to those who assisted them in running plot lines. Such assistance can come in any way, but usually would be help in flushing out plot, organizing characters, or assistance in actually running the plot.

Plot Participation

Storytellers also can request that specific players in a plot line also gain 500 points each for in-game assistance in running a plot. This kind of assistance goes to players who manage to help move plot forward, keep cast of characters on task through IC actions, or just play phenomenally well.

Forum Milestones

Right now, the forum is a little over 1000 posts strong, which is amazing. The next milestone is 2000 posts, in which case the 2000th poster will receiver 1000 points on the Discord server as well as the “Thank You” badge here from yours truly. After 2000 posts will be 4000, then 8000, and so on.


Players can recruit other players to the game. To get credit for recruiting another player, you simply need to make sure when they join they reference your username to a staff member and that they joined on your recommendation. They then need to have a character approved and active for 30 days, upon completion of the 30 day period both parties will get 1000 points each and a special badge here on the forum. How do we determine active? Posting in character or commenting on plot lines in a constructive way at least 1-2 times a week for 30 days.


Please relay any questions to myself or a staff member.