Return of the Fae - Updated Casting Call

I tried to do this once before and it fell through the cracks here. I have reorganized the plot notes, should be a pretty simple plot. In this new request, I am organizing this a bit differently. I am looking for maybe 2-4 players to play either light fae who were banished to the Dark Aether 1000 years ago in the Backlash. As a brief overview of what happened… There was a major war called the War of False Prophets that lasted for so long – it destroyed many lives and decimated both the populations and economies of all of the 10 Kingdoms. An armistice was signed that eventually lead to peace.

The core of this peace was that the Dark Fae would be banished into the Dark Aether forever, what no one knew would happen is the Light Fae also were banished into the Dark Aether. Now after 1000 years the seals which make of the veil between the material plane of Elder Soteria and the Dark Aether are breaking down.

What is needed are players to either play light fae who have returned (but have been in the Dark Aether for the last 1000 years) and/or humans to interact with such characters. Ideally I’d like to have this entirely played by players (and not myself). This concept has failed in the past. Right now I am seeking players willing to create characters native to Elder Soteria who can play this out.

For the initial encounters, I plan 2-4 small sessions where individuals meet light fae that have appeared out of nowhere.

Later there will be some larger sessions where the light fae must decide what to do – will there be peace or war?

Is anyone interested?

I’m down for it. Either making Fae, natives, or both, or using some of the fae and natives that I already have / have submitted

What would the dark Aether be like? Is it like a different dimension or something closer to the Norse hel?

That is an excellent question, I had given that only vague thoughts. I had the thought to make it like the Niflheim from Norse Mythology, though more more entrenched in darkness and misery. I have come up with a sort of 1st draft of what I am thinking about. I also had the idea that it is kind of depression / hopelessness given form. A kind of anti-life, to contrast it from the Plane of Aether which is life itself given physical form.

I imagine the light fae banding together to try to maintain some sense of order, civilization, and hope but having been eroded by being trapped for what seemed like an eternity. Also, there would be great wizards, sorcerers (sorceresses), and other powerful magic users / psionics who were banished as well – they could have set up a kind of safe zone within the Dark Aether to preserve what they could. I do not want to make it impossible for those trapped to have maintained civility, but I do want them to have suffered loss and despair as well.

I’m open to any thoughts you might have.

Read what I wrote to Liz above, see if it fits anyone you have already submitted and we’ll go from there, I’m happy to work with you on whatever as well.

I can work with that, just a few things of i could rework one or two existing but seldom used characters into fae?

I’m perfectly fine reworking whatever needs to be done, nothing is set in stone yet. What can I help rework? I am currently at my girlfriends’ grandma’s place with her dad and grandmother, so I can’t chat live right now.

Oh i was going to rework on of my own characters into a fae. I was thinking having them be say a water based fae?

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Did you have any specific thoughts or questions you wanted to ask to participate in this one?

Specifically perhaps just like town names in the dark aether, barring that if any fae were born in the dark fae or are they all old. If they were born there, how would it affect them, would they be in-between light fae and dark fae?

That is a very interesting question… I’m honestly not sure, I think they would certainly be darker in a lot of ways. I can come up with some community names, of course could make the place names the same as they are in the Prime Material Plane, would that do?

Alright the name thing is perfect only thing I might add “Daithr” to the name i made it up from the root words of dark and aether as a slang word for “dark aether”. So like rather than New York it would be Daithr York? How does that sound?

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Perfect! I absolutely approve.

I think I misread on natives, would we be talking fantasy creatures in general or specifically those that would count and D&D Fae (elves, Eldrin, fairies, pixies, and so on)?

One character that I could alter their background so they’re returning from the Dark Aether would be the Phoenix queen. I could adjust her character to fit, the horrors and encroaching darkness having an effect on her that makes her to some more strict and harsh when passing judgement.

Well, fantasy creatures possibly but looking specifically for those classically categorized as fae.

Okay, I’ll think of something and put it up there when I can.

Awesome, I’m going to try to look at Liz’s submission tonight and hopefully get the first of the RP’s started soon. I know you’ve got a few submissions, I’ll try to get to those tonight too.

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