Requesting participents for a post-apocalyptic survival campaign

Hey there, y’all. I’m looking to do a BU plot involving surviving in a post-apocalyptic, surreal wasteland. The set-up will be that the participant’s characters being involved in a freak transporter accident, sending them to an alternate earth with little-to-no equipment.

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Oh boy, I am up for it!

Beep boop, I’m down for it! This sounds perfect to try and re-introduce Vin into the scene (I wanted to redo him and his personality but never got to it, so this can be a good placeholder for that rework for now)

Excellent! That’s two (I’d like to say three-to-four since Uther liked the post and Chaos showed interest in the idea on the Discord) people interested in participating. I’d like it if y’all would indicate which character you were intending to use in a post w/ wiki link here, so I can have some idea of how I could fine-tune the plot I had in mind.

Sounds like fun. I think I know who I’ll use for this one.

Ok, so that’s five-to-six potential participants, which sounds just about perfect! I’ll try and start the plot either today or tomorrow depending on when I have time. Anyone else who wants to join…er…can…still…join…

There we go! Got the thread started. Still accepting any late newcomers for the time being.

Will join too. Would be interesting for my Stalker OCs