Request for Comments: Liars Promise / Drem Missing Arcs

TL;DR: Ideas for what Lance and Candy did as Section 31 Operatives which would have gotten their mentor, Lady J, into such trouble where she’d be forced to go into hiding. Further, how the things they did could have been the cause or at least contributed to Drem’s disappearance.

The original purpose of this plot arc was to provide a place to flesh out and better understand a lot of feelings and issues I’ve had since my ex-wife Jen’s death. There’s a lot that goes with that. Now that Jade has left the game it provides me the opportunity really expand on that idea and do something more.

To that end, I’m going to combine the two. I will bing @thatotakugalaxy once so if she wants she can have a say being that Drem was her character and the character will not be played but will be referenced. However, I don’t think she wants anything like that anymore so I’ll just push forward.

The storyline is going to be pretty heavy steeped in loss and the effects there of, particularly the need for closer, the feeling of a hole in ones life, that kind of thing.

The original plot notes are here and I’d like to expand on this… Lance gets this cryptic message from someone he used to know, she has died, and it is a strange message. I didn’t know what I meant by it at the time, but I think that I’m going to make it a warning.

So Lady J (Jenny Rebecca Courter) was paying a debt, something she got herself into that Lance & Candy had been part of while they worked for Section 31. I haven’t gone into a lore of the actual things that Lance did as a Section 31 agent though I’ve said that he did some awful things. There is a whole history of Candy and Lance, which I envision as a devoted couple torn part by the things they had to do. There is a scene in Stargate SG-1 (the episode is called Cor-Ai) where Jack says he’s done some “damn distasteful things” in the service of his country.

I want to expand on the things Lance and Candy did and adjust things so that they did it at the behest of a contact, Jenny, for Section 31. So what I really need is what things of things we think Lance & Candy were ordered to do. Also, how this might have made Drem disappear / be killed.

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