Reorganization and Faster Cross Posting

I’ve reorganized the forum back to the way I originally wanted it, since I can now use Webhooks to pass new posts and replies out to the Discord Server without the need for authentication and other such RSS nonsense. So things may look a bit different.

Additionally, the use of Webhooks should also mean that new posts appear on Discord very quickly, rather than the occasionally 4 or more hour wait for it to happen before. Replies and new posts will both be sent to the server, right now the pings are still in place for various groups (such as Looking for Role Play and Creative Team), this may change. Additionally, the system is unable (yet) to tell the difference between a deleted post notification (Discourse puts this information in the headers of the HTTP request, which the software I’m using, Huginn, cannot process) and a new post notification, thus it will send notices for both. I’m working on it, but since posts don’t get deleted very often, I’m hoping to have the issue cleared up before it becomes a problem.