Reili Farhaven: Witch of the Woods

Please note this character takes some inspiration such as race, spells and abilities from the Tabletop RPG game Dungeons and Dragons.

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Reili Farhaven
|fullname= Reili Farhaven
|altname= Witch of the Woods
|race= Hexblood human
|alignment= true neutral
|gender= Female
|height= 6' 5"
|weight= 140lbs
|haircolor= black
|eyecolor= Amber
|age= 20
|dob= Spring 1025
|birthplace= Kingdom of Adren
|universe= Embers of Soteria
|occ= witch / sorceress
|org= unaffiliated
|figure= Delicate and slim in appearance, yet feminine, exceptionally long black hair, pale purplish skin, has a strange wood or bone like growth that wraps around the back of her head, like a circlet.
|setting= Embers of Soteria

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She mostly keeps to herself and practices magic, she enjoys relaxing, she will occasionally travel but never stays in a city or town. She prefers to avoid people except for the company of a few trusted individuals. She has power and she knows it and she’s not afraid to flaunt or use it if she needs to. That said, she’s mostly quiet and soft spoken, unless she needs to use her power. Occasionally she’ll help people, in exchange for certain favors or items she wants or finds interest in. She has no formal magical training, but is naturally talented and gifted in the magical arts.

== Special Abilities ==
Eerie Token - due to her Hexblood nature and connection to old magic, she can produce strange tokens and talismans which she can give to others and then speak and watch and listen through by entering a trance

Psionic magic - she specializes in and uses a lot of psionic magic, as well as old magic.

Old magic - Uses old techniques as if they are second nature to her to influence and alter the world around her, usually involves a cauldron, but doesn’t have to, through it she can cast magical effects on people at greater range.

Telepathic Speech - can form a telepathic connection between her mind and the mind of another. they can speak telepathically with each other while the two are within 4 miles of each other

Metamagic - she can manipulate spells, to make them stronger, extend the time of their duration, or even cast duplications of single target spells

In accordance with Theories of Aether Reili, while naturally talented and skilled, isn’t very physically strong, she can safely cast 3 or 4 advanced spells without much physical strain or harm. Spells listed do not include duplicate or upcasted spells but only the spells that can start being used at that level

Unlike most other spells, these spells are simple and require little to no energy to cast, but they also rarely cause much physical harm.

Create Bonfire

Eldritch Blast (spell sniper / increased range)

Fire bolt



Mind Sliver

Mold Earth

Shape Water

1st Lv Spells

Arms of Hadar

Chaos Bolt

Disguise Self

Dissonant Whispers

Fog Cloud


Magic Missile

2nd Lv Spells

Alter Self

Calm Emotions

Detect Thoughts

Gust of Wind


Mirror Image


3rd Lv Spells

Hunger of Hadar


4th Lv Spells

Evard’s Black Tentacles


Summon Abberation

5th Lv Spells

Dominate Person

Rary’s Telepathic Bond

Synaptic Static


== Special Skills ==
Magical talent (natural affinity and instinctive proficiency with magic and magical artifacts

Warcasting - due to her talent in magic she finds it easier to concentrate, even in situations that would normally ruin her concentration and can cast magic even with her hands full.


== Special Equipment ==

Crystalline magic staff

Cabin in the woods


Cursed amulet

== Background ==
Fill in where your character comes from that brought them here (approximately 100-200 words).

Formerly a simple human from a small town, Reili liked going out in the woods around her home and exploring ruins. She grew up exploring all kinds of locations, some old and ancient, some almost destroyed. In her late teens, roughly 16 or 17, she stumbled upon an old amulet, she felt drawn to it, however the moment she touched it, she collapsed.

When she woke, she discovered she was changed, having a strange circlet growing out of her head, and her skin had paled and had a slight shade of purple, she attempted to head home, but was cast out and banished… so she ran, later coming upon an old and abandoned cabin and made it her home. Since then she’s been working on fixing up the cabin, and accidentally discovered some innate magical abilities, but while she has a significant amount of power and magic, she has little formal training, unable to find a trainer or mentor to aid in her magical education. She’s found some ways, and found some instinctive methods of using and casting magic, but she still has much to discover and learn.

She usually stays in or around her cabin, she sometimes goes out to get herbs and things found in the forest for food or other necessities.

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Reili, dressed in her witch garb, hood covering her witch’s circlet / crown, using disguise self to appear more human like.

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