ReGenesis - Phoenix

Hey everyone. Ryu here. I just rejoined this place and I firstly have to say that I’m not here exactly for roleplay, but for collaborative stories. I’d also not submit characters for evaluation as my roleplay characters, but introduce them if the stories need someone new. This way they will be built for the plot itself and bend them according to how the story is going.
May sound like recipe for disaster, but it’s not rare to see a character get development through the story. It also happens to people in real life, because the circumstances make the man. I’m not here for any setting in specific, so if someone want to call me to join an on going story, I’d be glad to do so. Let’s discuss the details in DMs. If a tech is needed, let’s make one. If a thief is needed, let’s make one. If a neutral guy is needed, let’s make one. If an antagonist is needed, let’s make one.

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