Recrudescence - Day Zero

Part 1

He awoke in a field of green prairie grass. It was a breezy summer day as he sat up and surveyed his surroundings. The breeze softly swayed the branches of a nearby oak tree. The sky is a soft blue clear of any clouds. He looked down at himself, looking over his own body. Something felt just slightly off, like the discomfort of getting your sea legs. He doesn’t ponder on it long, getting up now and brushing a bit of dirt off himself.

He spots a narrow dirt road a few yards away from him and makes his way over. His tail wags a bit and his ears flinch. He stops and feels them, they seemed a part of his body but he wasn’t expecting them to be. Maybe he should maybe he shouldn’t but for some reason try as he might he had no recollection of anything. He didn’t know who he was.

He looks down the road. It was long and meandering, seemingly endless. The fields of grass extended out as far as he could see, only broken up by a few trees here and there. With nothing else to do he started walking down the road.

Part 2

Deep in thought a crow landed on his shoulder. He froze, not familiar with the sensation of something on his shoulder. He turned to look at it, so far it was a normal looking crow.

“Totally lost aren’t ya?” the corvid said

“I… how do you know?” He answered back

“Well you have an aimless look about you. Anyway I’m Cal” the crow responded

“Nice to meet you Cal I’m…… “ He stopped, head starting to hurt as he tried to remember who he was. It was like a child trying to push a boulder and soon enough he gave up,

Cal shook his head a bit “Don’t know? Mmh well you do look like a cat, but not a house cat… maybe a wild cat. Felis silvestris… Sil… I’ll call you Sil”

He blinked “wait what? I’m sure I have a name that isn’t that.”

“Well yeah but since you don’t remember i need something to call you other than kitty” Cal snickered back
He frowned and gave it a thought, it was a logical proposal just one given with the wrong attitude but he didn’t want to ostracize Cal. He sighs “Fine, I’ll be Sil for now”

“Excellent my feline friend!” Cal said excitedly.

Part 3

Sil kept walking, it made him feel like he was going somewhere even if it seemed like he was going nowhere. A soft murmur brought him back to reality.

“Hello? Hello? Sil please don’t space out on me… its a tad rude.”

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to.”

Cal chuckles “At least you are polite, makes my job all the more sad.”

“Wait what why? What are you going to do to me?” He was apprehensive now

“Well i am to lead you out of here, i know you want to get out as well,”

“Well yes i do but where will i go?”

“Well that is for you to decide I can only take you away from here”

During their discussion Sil had wandered into a crossroads. Three paths now lie before him. Each one led off to a landscape he had not noticed before.

“I’m sorry kitty but this is my stop” Cal flies off

Sil frowns “Great now what?” He checked the paths, One seemed to stay on the winding road in the prairie, the other seemingly led up to a distant mountain and the last was cut off by the horizon but the wind from that path had the subtle scent of the sea.

Part 4

The smell of the sea called to him. He didn’t know why but it made him think of food. He likes food. So he started to walk down that path.

As he walked he reminisced about food. What was his favorite food? Smoked salmon of course! It had such a great aroma, wonderful taste and delectable texture. He remembered salivating at the smell of it when he was younger and that even thinking about it was enough to make his mouth water. However his mouth wasn’t watering right now, how odd.

Then suddenly remembered the taste of copper in his mouth but he couldn’t recall anything else. It worried him, that memory but he had no clue as to why. He sighed wanting Cal back, wanting someone, anyone.

There was no reprieve for him though. Only the slight breeze and the rustling of leaves and really faintly the road of waves hitting a shore.

The sea it was familiar to him… how? He didn’t even know his own name but he knows he loved the ocean.

Part 5

“Copper, copper, what is copper? A… metal?” He spoke to himself. His mind still swirled at the effort of trying to conjure coherent memories. But it was easier even if only a little.

“Copper is a metal, metals are…?” He tried but hit an end for now. He thought about something else. His chest, it expanded and contracted rhythmically yet he did not know why.

Then again the memory of copper taste… and of… plastic and oil and silicone. It tested his patience, these jumbled memories he could not puzzle together. His breathing increased but he felt something was off. More than just something he knew many things were missing.

He started running down his road. He felt it would hold answers for him. He felt like it would soothe him, distract him from the fragmented chaos that he was experiencing.

Running, he ran fast and hard, feeling his muscles contract and relax, but it was alien to him. Another mystery to add to the pile. Another potential memory to test his patience. Maybe he was going mad. Maybe he was coming close to death.

He started tearing up as he ran. He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want an end to things… however what did he really have to hold onto if he didn’t remember a thing? If there was no one, not even himself to be witness to his own life, did he really live?

Muscles ached and strained in ways he had never experienced before. His mind clouded by pain slipped up and he tripped on his own feet. Tumbling down onto the ground.

Once again he was staring up at the sky but this time it all started to flood back in. The operation, being saved, the fight for his life, the accident. It all assaulted his senses from every direction as to make even the gentle warm breeze an abrasive inferno of sensory overload.

Time didn’t seem to move forward or at least the sun didn’t move across the sky where he was. It made keeping track of time difficult, how long was it? Minutes? Hours? Days?

Finally he tried to stand up using foreign hands and feet to do so. These weren’t his. He never had flesh and blood limbs. He remembered now, though he was still remembering much more.

Gone was the ocean breeze or the pastoral landscape or the dirt road.

Before him was only a void. Dots of light filled the void. Feelings returned to him, the hopelessness and confusion and dread and terror. He was gone, he chose to leave. How could he not? After the things he had seen. Yet still a piece……

“Tora” , a feminine voice called out to him. “Tora my child you have awoken”

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