Recon Mission Sign Up - Operation Flintlock

Our first side-mission will be a recon mission, as a prelude to getting into the swing of things. I apologize for the delay, I had meant to post this a few days ago.

I know that @Buckethead, @Haladur, and @darktrooper501 have all expressed interest here on the forum and I also know that @Dasfier has expressed interest as well. All 4 of you have characters who would fit perfectly well on Discord. Instead of doing a large RP, I am considering breaking the mission up into slices. Such a large endeavor will require more than one recon mission, unless you all want to work together.

So, there will be a max of 4, but at least 2 recon missions as part of this plot. You are all free to discuss amongst yourselves. There will be some combat, of course, but there will also be espionage involved as well.

I need to know who is bringing who in, and if you all want to work together as a group or not?

I can use Vlad for the recon part.

Alright, we can fire that up any time you’re ready. They’ll be sending a recon vessel to scout several star systems along the way to drop sensor buoys, kind of like places to allow the ships to start. Sound like something for Vlad?

Oh snap i missed this notification, yeah that sounds fine for Vlad.

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