Rebecca, Cylindra's Twin

{{Character Box
|player= Dasfier
|name= Rebecca
|fullname= Rebecca
|altname= Becca
|race= Doll / Demon Hybrid
|alignment= Chaotic Neutral
|gender= Female
|height= 5'5"
|weight= 125 lbs
|haircolor= Red
|eyecolor= Amber
|age= 25
|dob= April 5, 1996
|birthplace= Chicago 
|universe= Angelic Sins
|figure= typically looks either like a beautiful redhead with glasses, her shape being easily soft and feminine, yet fit. Overall non-threatening, in reality she's a porcelain doll of similar materials and dimensions as her twin sister Cylindra. She had a more demonic form which has purple wings, tail and large upward turning purple horns.
|setting= Angelic Sins

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Somewhat unstable and dark, Rebecca was a more serious individual till she was corrupted by demonic energies, now she’s much more loose and unhinged, she’s devoted to her master Lance Thomas, and her sister Cylindra. She loves tormenting others, interrogating them to give her information, when it comes to needing something guarded with lethal force, she is the girl of choice.

== Special Abilities ==
Dark magic

Shadow movement

Shapeshifting (granted by magic ring)

Able to summon two pairs of additional floating arms

== Special Skills ==
Cooking, cleaning, cutting

Fighting, seduction, infiltration

== Special Equipment ==
Shapeshifting ring
Obedience slave collar / choker

== Background ==
Formerly a human, Rebecca lived a pretty simple life, didn’t socialize much and didn’t even really go out much, even into her adult life. One day she had gone with some friends to a bar and brothel place out of an old Asylum, she didn’t really feel like doing much so she just watched the lifeless doll they had as a decoration… welk until she brushed up against it while avoiding another group of people and collapsed, only to discover her soul was now in the doll… and they were now alive!

She lived a decent amount of her life as the doll, Cylindra’s second personality, during that time she started losing her memory and self identity.

She would have faded and just become part of Cylindra when they were purchased by Lance Thomas, a military Admiral who took pitty on their living situation and bought them.

After repairing them and cleaning them up, Lance infused them with corrupting demonic energies, which pleasured them both immensely, so much so that it caused Rebecca to be pulled out of Cylindra and a duplicate doll body to be formed around her. Thus she instead of being a second personality, she became Cylindra’s twin sister, albeit with minor differences. Since then and likely due to her lacking memories and the corruption she changed from being serious, to being undisciplined and unhinged. And she likes it that way. She and her sister have in them a growing corruption, in a very real way, they are baby demons, being reborn into the world.

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