Reality is just an opinion. One I happen to disagree with

So, literally just now, a character concept came up into mind. It is, shortly put, a man with the ability to warp reality by writing code. SQL, Java, Lambda expressions, that type of thing.
The reason I started this thread is, because I think of making this a character instead of leaving it in the concept state, and would love a few opinions about this, both on discord or here, after my post, doesn’t really matter.

Theo Gray is my name, and I am someone who regurlarly gets shout at “What the fuck are you?”. In all honesty, aren’t you tired to say this and die? Nothing about the meaning of life? Or the origin of the universe?
Wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s 42.
My contractor wanted this starbase to explode. Strange enough, but the price is right and I am bored.
I got detected as soon as uncloaked. Lucky enough, they just did not shoot my danube to echelon, strangely, they let me land into their main hanger bay.
Oh. Well. Enemies. Many, heavily armed. Fuck.

I run out of the danube, and take cover behind some cargo uselessly laying around. Now to the difficult part.
My thoughts dart forward:

WITH vSurroundingEnemies AS (
 FROM enemies e JOIN Area a 
  ON e.Area_Area_ID = a.Area_ID 
 WHERE e.Area_ID = self.Area_ID;

SELECT e.Armor, e.location FROM vSurroundingEnemies;

There we go. Armor and Location. They wear Mark 3 Body Armor and start to form a circle around me.

PositronBeamStorm aPositronBeamStorm = new PositronBeamStorm();;

And a literal storm of beams of positron, like from a large group of DRX-23 rifles is unleashed and precisely hit the enemies. Each and any of them are killed.
All this in a matter of half a minute. What? I am tired and nervous. Fighting to death is fucking tedious, y’know?

Good thing I wrote that code aforehand. Figured that his could get a bit fiddly.
I stands up from his cover, dust my clothes off and advances further into the starbase.

OOC: Now, hope you liked the taste of this chara, please drop me your thoughts and opinions wherever and whenever you like.

I love the idea, I remember in the old Warehouse 23 Basement or the new fan site here there was a fan-submitted item that was a PDA which had an excel spreadsheet of every item the person owned, where it was, and who currently had it (along with other information, I don’t recall). The point was that by changing the spreadsheet you actually altered the attributes of the item.

This also reminds me very much of this comes from a document about faster than light travel. It listed different types of FTL, such as wormholes, jumping, warp travel, and the like and listed attributes of each for basing a drive on one of those type of systems. The final one listed as called the UPC, or Universal Parameter Change. It was designed to account for drive systems that changed gravity or something.

However, my friend Justin and I liked the idea of a box of some kind where one could basically do as you said, access the source code of the universe. So some kind of super-powerful box called “Universal Parameter Changer” or “Universal Parameter Matrix” or something like that.

Finally, another idea that I had along with that once was that a person could like call for holodeck-like controls but for reality. So they can touch a flat surface and controls would appear that only they could see which would allow them to alter the environment.

Now, to go along with all that… Source code compiles to machine code, so what if some industrious wizard or similar, built a device which inserts universe-code, a similar level to machine code. And they build out from there, so you can plug this device into a computer, and then that computer to compile to the device, and it would compile a universe-altering program?

Just kind of spitballing there.

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