Reach - spartan Alicia story

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -6000 before fall of reach

Alicia hit wall, creating small dent in it, she shake head and take stance again
-is that all you can do? - she ask smirking
-of course not -answered Rogal then attempted to spin kick alicia, she jump away
-oh come on, end with kid play, we’re training for real. that isn’t killing house anymore ya know?
-oh, of course it isn’t killing house, it’s killing bungalow- respond Rogal after short chuckle. they knew each other for quite long time now. they both knew how much each of them can take, from outside spartans might look emotionless and stoic, but toward someone they trust it was compleatle otherwise.

Alicia punch Rogal into faceplate throwing he into floor, CQC training in armor was’t as comfortable and easy as outside it, but gave better result
-Oh come on, girl is better than you? -new voice come from entrance
-shut up -Rogal chuckled- it’s not normal girl
-we both have same augumentation Rogal -alicia stated helping he stand up
-sure sure - Rogal turn to figure in door- what’s up Jason?
-not much, and i don’t need to ask you since apparently you aren’t feeling good alowing lass to kick your ass - jason answered with smug stright from anime girl

all 3 spartans chuckle then high five, same as Alicia and Rogal knew each other, Jason even after all that time was mystery, that no one wanted to discover. netherless he was good friend one you know you can depend on

-shut yer arse - Rogal gave Jason cold stare
-not before you -Jason answered with eyebrow wiggle
-that’s most gayest comment you made since week ago -Alicia cut in
-oh for sure. -Jason smirked- so, since reach is technically safe heaven for now you guys think we get some R&R?
-not likely -alicia shake head
-no chances -Rogal half shrug

spartans chuckle, they don’t really get free time, not like they need it, it just would be nice to have some more time for stuff apart from training and battles and since it’s actually unlike covenant would find Reach that would be ideal time.

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -3000 before fall of reach

alicia and Morgan, casually play cards, Morgan was only spartan with repainted armor, it was painted in gold-red colour and oh helmet had inscription saying “everything is dust” meanwhile Jason and Rogal played some tabletop war game

-i’m attacking grid A7 with marines team -Jason told rolling dice
-I am fortifying that position! -yelled Rogal
-Could you both shut up for once? there’s reason why tabletop simulators are, ya know electronic -said Morgan
-party pooper! -told Jason and Rogal at same time, Alicia chuckle and morgan simply sigh
-see? she got it! -jason motion to Alicia
-keep me out of that you three -Alicia answered still chuckling

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -0005 before fall of reach

-Attention -yelled one of spartans
Spartan Delta team instantly standed at attention, as entering officer looken upon anonymus, same looking armor-wise soldiers he smiled a bit

-At ease spartans.

spartans dropped salute

-ten minutes ago unknown ships exited slipspace. they are at least few hours of way untill they get in range but Admiral belive Covenants found Reach. as we can’t confirm that all assets are prepearring without official alert yet.

-0002 to fall of Reach

-can’t we send reacon to unknown ships sir? -Morgan asked officer

-0001.5 to fall of Reach

-Admiral don’t agree. says that’s too dangerous

-0000.5 to fall of reach

-I se… -Morgan was interrupted by alarm

-RED ALERT RED ALERT MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS -PA system blazed all around ship, Spartans grabbed their gear and moved to bridge with officer. as they arrived there, they saw madness. crew members taking positions they left after arriving, officers shouting orders
-Arm Archer missiles
-Missiles armed and ready
-Load mac Cannon, Heavy round
-charging, 10% rising at rate 5% per minute
-firing archer missiles
-good hit with archers

Spartans looked at each other, battle wasn’t lost yet, they knew that. but covenants found UNSC with pants down, Captain of ship walked to spartans
-Spartans, good to see you up and running
-Captain, what’s the situation?
-Covenants got us with pants down, that’s the situation. Orbital MAC cannons are shreading them so far, but we need to make sure covvies dont destroy generators. all teams has assigned targets. your is generator Kachiro. Lock and Load, it’s time to end that party
-SIR YES SIR -spartans yelled in unison. they turned and run to hangar passing few crewmembers on way

the hour all was scared about happend, Reach is key to inner colonies

15 minuts after battle of Reach beginned

spartan run into hangar and notice group of marines, theyr sergant in front, cigarete in his mouth
-Ladies and Gentelmans. This is real war, not a thing for shitnuggets like you. you are worth NOTHING for me before you survive first contact with covenants. IS THAT CLEAR
-SIR YES SIR -marines respond in unison
-Hell right it is. and you can consider yourself LUCKY because we’re going in with fire support from our beloved spartans. I EXPECT NOTHING BUT FIGHT TO THE END IS THAT CLEAR?
-now, let’s kick some alien asses

after that marines shouted loud “HOORAH” and boarded pelicans with spartans. it slowly left hangar bay and start flying toward planet, spartans and marines look ach each others, gave few thumb up, Alicia and marine marksman gave high-five to each other. Pelican dropship rocked as it passed first atmosphere layers going to designated landing zone. Marines and Spartans checked their ammo and explosives

on marines and spartan tac-com admiral said:
-Ground teams, be advised, multiple covenant dropships and fighters passed through our defence line into atmosphere, LZs might be hot

Pelican landed and dropped hog armed with chaingun, marines and spartans jumped off board and started going with hog to Kachiro generator.

Delta team private comlink woke to life
-you think they gonna glass reach? -Jason sounded genuinely worried
-I don’t think so, what about you Rogal? -answered Morgan
-Hey Alicia you’re from Reach don’t you? -Rogal asked to change topic
-yeah, wh… - one of marines got hit by nedleer- contact!

spartans and marines took cover, Chaingun sprayed area team was shoot from
-i see 10… scratch that, 17 hostiles -jason reported
spartans and marines continued shooting, few more marines die, one get heavy injured, but covenants fall back, spartans and remaining marines hurried to kachiro, jason opened com channel
-Spartan Delta team to Kachiro, be advised, we’re coming from bearing 345
-Roger That Deltas, we really need assitance, recon report that covenants are gathering north of us
-our ETA 10 minuts -Jason respond and close channel

65 minutes since battle of reach start

spartans and marinesenter kachiro, and took position, team clown, Rogal of course couldn’t miss ocassion and yelled over short range com


marines and spartans laughted

90 minutes after battle started

Alicia look in given direction, and smug smile appear on her helmet covered face, she took comfortable position and opened fire with other marksmans and snipers, chainguns and rest of marines joned as soon as covenants entered their range. plasma bolts and bullets were flying all around, heavy Anti-Tank rounds hit enemy tank once or twice before getting blowed away by plasma, marines and spartans were pulling long fight, marines giving they lives for idea, for other humans lives, for what they belived were repeling covenant wave after wave, but enemy numbers seem infinite, while marines were slowly decreesing, UNSC line of defemce start breaking, soldiers falling back to next positions, all 'hogs destroyed soldiers rained death upon many enemies, blood and bodies of soldiers of both sides were filling area, com channels mostly silent
everyone was concentrated
no one wanted to loose that battle
they forgot past, they didnt thought about future
they lived at this exact moment

-look out, banshees bearing 561
-i got them

one of few soldiers with homing SPNKRs shoot down banshee, it hited one of Wraith makng it explode. Red-gold storm was fighting of few covenants that broke perimeter. Battle seemed long, ten hours at least, but in real it was much shorter so far, half hour of constant firefigh, but no matter how big looses they had, covenants were still pushing forwad, they didn’t stopped when last of their tanks were destroyed, they instead get more angered, more furius, as they assaulted UNSC position breaking through, remaining defenders fallen back to last line of defence, generator room itself. covenants chased them, spartans, engaged them at hand to hand combat.
One of elites throwed Alicia at wall, she hit it with loud thud creating small dent, she stood up and half shrug

-is that all you got? -she told smirking under helmet

Elite roars and dashed as she, Alicia puled knife and stabbed elite into neck and throwed bleeding body away, Morgan easily distngushable by gold-red armour, covered by Rogal behind fortified position was patching up Jason.

alicia snap fingers, and dashed at next elite pinning he to wall and shooting his head away with her trusty M6C, then throw frag grenade at group of grunts, she didn’t noticed elite that pinned she to wall, but Rogal diverted hs attention for long enough to she break free and pine elite to wall, Rogal dashed to help she seeing next elite going toward Alicia, but both she and Elite she engaged n CQC dissapeared in blink of light

-Where the fuck is she? -Rogal asked confused
-I DON’T KNOW -answer marine, slighty deafened by firefight

other marine yelled

suddenly com channel from UNSC Freedom opened
-All teams, we’re pulling you out, we see big group of covenant going toward you, get to Evac Zone ASAP

Rogal shake head
-I’m not going without Alicia even if Admiral himself gave that order
-In matter of fact he did Spartan-062, now get to the Pelican

short moment of sillence fallen, then Morgan looked at Rogal
-We’ll be back for she, don’t worry, now let’s get fuck away from here

he silently nod, they will have time to get back, one generator lost don’t mean they lost entire battle. he morgan and Jason went to evac zone with marines fire team… as they lifted up he looked down at facility, morgan seeing that put arm on his arm. they didn’t need words to comunicate, they knew each other too long

survivng marine element was small,4 soldiers
-sergant they met earlier, one corporal, private marksman that Alicia high-fived and injured Anti-Tank trooper

battle still was going on
UNSC gonna win
or Covenant will pay big price for that victory

((so, i tried story telling again, didn’t tried to stay fully lore friendly, that’s basically what happend before Alicia spliced on station

hope you will enjoy

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