Pushing Plot - Embers of Soteria

There is really one main plot going on in Embers of Soteria, and that is the breaking down of the Peace of Ages which is, largely, a magical construct helped by the signing of the treaty by the leaders of the 10 Kingdoms, this treaty then became sort of magically binding. By that I mean, while leaders could still break the treaty doing so would cause unforeseen consequences. I haven’t really gone into a lot of details about the Peace because, well, I have this idea in my head that I’ve had trouble putting into words.

What does this mean?

So here is what I’d like our @Players-EoS to try and do with it. The Peace has the effect of walling off the mundane world from other realms, protecting it from the influence of demons, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and other nasties. Even things like Orcs and more common monsters were pushed out of the world in the time after the Peace was signed. So long as the leaders of the 10 Kingdoms did not break the Peace, this remained true. However, the Peace was not forever, nothing ever is. It is well known that the Peace has a time limit on it, that is to say that Ageless Ones foresaw that no peace could last forever but their hope was that after a thousand years of peace, such institutions would no longer need the magic. Since the Peace is thinning, so are the barriers between the worlds, the Old Gods are now more able and willing to freely roam and so the veil between the living and dead is also thinning. Ghosts are starting to be seen, stories are circulating by trade caravan and the like about ghosts being seen, orcs being fought int he woods and all manner of strange things happening.

People should start to hear voices where there are / cannot be any, see apparitions, especially in the woods, children who were lost and died long ago being seen as ghosts in the woods near where they went missing, that sort of thing. Magic is also going to start going wonky, those familiar with the Time of Troubles plot arc of the original Dungeons and Dragons know what kind of thing I’m talking about. There will be areas and times where magic will be 100 or even 1000 fold as powerful as it should be, prompting someone to lose control of a spell and things to go horribly, horribly wrong. There will also be places and times where magic just fizzles out, and does nothing.

About the Peace of Ages

It is very important to note that the 10 Kingdoms each have slight variations of the lore and how the Peace came to be. Each Kingdom likes to think its own King or Queen or Prince, Princess, Consul, whatever is the one who asked for said Peace. Everyone also knows for certain that it is indeed their own Kingdom which did it and that the other Kingdoms are just wrong. This has passed from something people fight about into more of a joke than anything else. There is also no mention of magic, so the general public does not have any clue that magic was or is involved, it has been over 1000 years since the Peace was instated and anyone who actually knew any of the details are long since dead.

There are journals here and there of aged and yellowed paper, but they are exceedingly rare and confirming one as genuine would only be able to be done if someone can match its contents with accounts held at the archives of one of the 10 Kingdoms, as they all have an original account of the signing of the Peace.

Ending of the Peace is sort of like a soft-armaggedon, it is something to be feared and it will be feared when someone finds out what is going on and begins to circulate word of such. Now, we’ve already seen that the dead are rising from the grave in the swamps to the far East. Further, in the woods the ghosts and spirits of those lost in the woods are going to start cropping up as the veil between worlds thins.

Another important note is, while the communities are superstitious (especially that of Whitrage) it isn’t like they have ever actually seen a ghost, they haven’t. So ghosts are the stuff of legend and fairy tails. They’ll fully believe that putting some bit of iron under your foundation in a new home will cause things to go well (and without it the opposite), but they aren’t going to just accept seeing a ghost as if it happens every day, it’ll freak peoples shit out, hardcore. Some will believe, some won’t, some will just be scared.

This is certainly interesting

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