Pushing Plot - Angelic Sins

So right now, @Players-AS, we’re working off the assumption that whatever entity is making people kill people has come from some kind of demonic place riding along on the capsule that Nine came out of. To that end, it possess people and is trying to form - in blood and murder - a rather complex symbol across the city which will open a gateway. If the entity finishes the gateway or opens it, all manner of horrible and awful creatures will come out of it.

Here and Now

Ok, so right at this moment, police have determined that they don’t know what’s going on. Those in power for the city have decided it is supernatural in origin but don’t know much and thus they have supernaturals in the police force (that’s mostly were-creatures) handling things. So far, they don’t know a lot. They have figured out that something is possessing normal people and forcing them to kill, but more than that they don’t know.

The city is on edge. Civilians are starting to look at everyone they see with suspicion, especially those of races that are not their own. This is bringing out the very worst in most people, if there is a group to hate then someone is blaming everything on them. Religious zealots are blaming gays and lesbians. White pride types are blaming Mexican’s and blacks (usually using a religious argument that God is unhappy with how the Whites are treated), that is the general idea.

Supernatural types in the city are not much better, but most of them are sticking to their own kind. Particularly, Vampires are being blamed for much of the killing, given what they do to feed it isn’t unreasonable that when people start to drop like flies and there is blood involved, that they are indeed being looked at. Vampires are about the only ones who are looking into explanations from other realms or planes of existence, some of them are old enough to remember when this kind of thing was more common.

Bottom line, it isn’t safe to go out alone. Not necessarily because of the killer, but because of all the stupid and hateful mob-ruled people who can target anyone at any time. There is always a reason to hate someone.

So RP should start to mention the high tension in the city, secondary acts of violence (assaults on people of minority races, and on white people as well but far fewer). Also, Vampires are keeping to themselves, some young groups have taken to over-eating, which has caused them to become targets, even of their own kind. This is rare as well, but when it happens, there is note of it. Brutally murders Vampires with fangs removed (likely while they are still alive) and then staked through the heart.


Now, for the investigation by the player characters. We’re going to move things along here, so Joseline gets the photos of both the inside of the capsule and McKinnon, though she cannot seem to contact the one who wanted KcKinnon’s photos, her employer has not been heard from and she cannot contact them just yet. This is frustrating, because she hasn’t been paid.

@TheChubbyGamer and @darktrooper501, here is info on the writing itself that specifically will interest your characters.

The inside of the capsule has runes painted in blood all along the interior, in a very fine penmanship as if someone had some kind of quill or other writing utensil to dip in blood and literally draw runs with. There are rows and rows of the runes on nearly every surface, and there is no translation, such runes are clearly writing but research says the only time anyone has ever even seen runes like that are in some very rare ancient artifacts and they have never been translated. Though, it will be possible to find a Vampire or two that might know what they are, the price will be very high (and will not be monetary) for their help. However, Mastema has seen the writing before, but does not speak or read it. It is a kind of bastardized form of demonic runes, it is what happens when a human mind is possessed by a demon and tries to write in the demons language. The human mind cannot handle it and thus the runes are what the human mind can handle writing.

As such, the runes are hard to look at. Just looking at them feels wrong somehow, they will send a prickling feeling up ones spine and the hairs on the back of the neck will stand up. Yes, this includes pictures as well. In fact, trying to forget them is exceedingly hard, they stay in ones mine once seen, but they are impossible to reproduce, no matter how one tries they cannot draw them from memory, and it would be mentally exhausting to try. They are the kind of things that can drive a saint mad and force them to do horrible things. Mastema will know that they DO NOT belong on this plane of existance.

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