Purification, Forgiveness and Union (open ended)

The day had come and it was time for the wedding of Eily and Kaito. She had chosen Kaito’s home itself for the ceremony to take place. She chose a very ornate traditional elven dress as her wedding dress. She beamed absolute happiness during the whole time she was preparing and putting on the dress.

Linda and Joseline made sure the house was as clean as it can get. They set up the kitchen with everything Eito would need to work his magic, as well as setting up a fair amount of seating spots for the main event and the dining tables. Neither of them knew of any guests coming over, since neither of them got to know anyone that Kaito or eily also knew on the station. But still, a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding with only a small handful of people, and the two of them believed Kaito and Eily deserved better even if that weren’t the case

Kaito day alone in his room a bit nervous as he got ready, he had decided to go traditional as well and wore a kimono. One of Eitos shadow clones sat in the room with him to calm his nerves while the real Eito went to prep the food

The guest flood into the joyous ceremony including their children with Emiya all the way at the back. Itza would sit beside John with her two newborn twins in her arms. Once all the guests get seated Emily goes over to Kaito. “Hey are you ready?”

Joseline and Linda greet and welcome all of the guests and go to socialize with them. When the ceremony was about to start they sit next to each other near the front

kaito looks at Emily nervously and nods "I think i am emily…just a bit nervous and all that junk ya know?

“That is okay, its time to get up to the front so you can wait for the bride” Emily says with a smile

The two of them wait patiently, still chatting with each other with inside voices

“Yeah I guess it is time” he says as he stands up and takes a breath before smiling brightly

She smiles “You will do fine kaito don’t stress about it.”

In walks Jannik Konig as well, He sees Joseline and remembers her but doesn’t wave not knowing if she would even be able to recognize him after several reincarnations.

Joseline didn’t look around, she was just talking to Linda still in their seats

“Thanks Emily” he simply said as he got up

When jannik entered so did Makoto, Sure he still kinda hated his brother to a degree but he was just to happy to know he was getting married again

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Emily nods and leads him up to the room where the ceremony will take place. Once they get there she gives Jamie the okay to count down before escorting Eily to the ceremony as well.

“Oh lil jamie is here too. Good to know” kaito says as he stands in his spot

The two stop talking once Kaito comes down the hall and onto the stand. They subtly wave at him

“yup” Jamie escorts Eily out of the back as the music starts playing. She was smiling brightly and hopeful that Kaito would like her elven dress

Kaito waves back to the two before focusing his attention to Eily making him smile brightly

Joseline and Linda turn around without looking inappropriate to look at Eily. Joseline gets a little giddy and tries to hold it back when she sees how good Eily looks in her eyes. Linda meanwhile smiles brightly, but overall stayed as calm and collected as she could

Eily beams back brightly upon seeing Kaito. As she walks to the front the music keeps playing until she gets to where Kaito is. She stares at him then looks at Emily. Emily looks at them both “are we ready to start?”