Punishments for Characters - Exile

@JumpingScript asked a question about punishments, well specifically about exile. I checked the scroll-back and this is probably to do with @darktrooper501’s character. Now, there is a whole lot that could go into this. First off, we’ve got the issue of how the legal system works and the like, technically Mastema would get a trial by jury unless he plead guilty or a confession. Confession would be easier, plea deal, something. A plea deal if he didn’t confess would be easiest to role play.

Now, for the actual question. Would he be allowed to keep his memories? Yes, if he were sent back home (deported essentially), he would be allowed to keep his memories so long as he didn’t have classified knowledge or it would not harm the timeline. If either of those were true, sending him back to his reality would require he be given Agent B67, which would replace his memories with a new narrative. This is to be avoided though and would not be done unless deemed necessary.

Thanks for the info. Which party brings the jury in? The concord? ST?

It would be the Serenity Concord since that is the civilian government. It would be a lot easier to do if he just confessed.