Public Discussion for Upcoming Borg Invasion

So, this is the public discussion thread for the upcoming Borg Invasion event. As I put in the announcement there are not times set yet and there is a lot to still be decided about the event. The staff and I have opened discussions and we would like everyone’s input.

@staff If we’re planning to have combat and non-combat characters involved, then I’d like to get Flask, Cody, and Vin involved. Though I’d like to have them seperated to some degree so I’m not playing two characters in one spot. Maybe like have there be many different parties throughout the RP

Well, there should be different problems to solve, that’s how I like to break up my RP scenes, I think the siege is going to last a while. This is good too because not everyone can be on at the same time or for the same duration. It’s going to be difficult to coordinate, which is the problem we run into the most. People don’t want to be stuck in RP either, we’ve used time-fudging to get around that before, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

So far the staff and I have decided on 3 cubes, one for each target. The City-Ship, the Supergate, and the Avali Colony.

Now, there are two basic categories for non-combat characters to get involved… There is the “something is broken and have to fix it” and “have to think of something to save our asses”, which I’d like to have those ideas in place prior to starting play.

I like having to think of something to save our asses. :smiley:

Well then we should brainstorm on what that will be. So any ideas? I have a mental image similar to the Engineering scene in Best of Both Worlds part 1. Perhaps we should give the station lead time before they arrive?