Psychiatric Cases on the Rise

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Mental health officials in the city of Chicago have been plagued lately by a striking rise in hospitalizations and reported suicides. Officials decline to comment on possible causes. First responders have also reported a notable spike in near-suicides and others in severe mental distress. The similarities in cases is causing serious concern among the cities hospitals and other care facilities.

Two local hospitals have issued similar reports stating that patients have a unique chemical imbalance related to a lack of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep is necessary for the psychological well being of everyone, without it a person becomes unable to perform simple tasks and can become paranoid and even violent. While it is unclear at this time what might cause such a spike in this rare mental breakdown there has been talk of it being related to some kind of new drug. Police have only commented that should a new drug surface which threatens the public health they would release a statement. They declined to directly comment on the potential existence of such a drug saying that comments on ongoing investigations are against policy.

The public faith in law enforcement and the Mayor’s ability to handle a new crisis has been hindered by the recent killings which are still largely unexplained in the surround areas around Chicago. Accusations that city officials only care if the affluent neighborhoods are effective have been met with stark denials. Mental health officials have noted that cases of mental distress to tend to fall along socio-economic lines but that will not hinder their research into possible causes for this latest outbreak in mental health cases.

Symptoms of this potentially new condition progress rapidly; irritability, inability to concentrate, trouble remembering, and insomnia seem to be among the initial symptoms. Hospital officials cannot give an exact timeline but they have stated one the initial symptoms set in the progression quickly escalates into paranoid and violent behavior eventually culminating in thought of suicide. While no names of victims have been released at this time one hospital official who spoke to us on condition of anonymity for fear of losing their job stated:

You don’t want to see how this happens. I was present when one of these patients went south. She was holding on, upset, having hallucinations, and paranoid but holding on with the hope she was in a safe place, you know? We had her comfortable but within minutes of falling asleep she had leaped out of bed, torn the IV needs from her arm, and was threatening nurses with a knife. Lord only knows where she got the knife, she didn’t have one on her when she came in. Before security could even get near her, she stabbed herself in the eye right to the hilt and kept stabbing over and over again. We got her restrained and medicated… I’ll never forget it, I’ve seen psyc cases before but nothing like that. Just stabbing her own eye over and over again.

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Horrific stories like these have started to surface, yet officials are baffled. What could be causing such a thing?