Proposals for Comment

It is early to make any kind of a definitive choice on what to do about things. The poll has been up for about 2 hours now. So far there are 9 voters and the leading two options for what to do are to consolidate servers and to do a complete reboot. This may change as the poll continues but, I have found that the initial poll results tend to carry. They may not and the poll will remain open for the time being.

I have a really hard time generating discussion about these kinds of things, I really want people to chime in with thoughts. No opinion is invalid, just be constructive and that’s it. Please… PLEASE comment.

In preparation for action, I would like to talk about what I was thinking for how to enact plans with some comments that I have received privately.

Consolidate Servers

A lot of people thought it was a bad idea for me to split the servers up in the first place. To do this would go relatively smoothly. I would put all 4 servers into one, there would be a lot of channels but some would have to go by the wayside. Blazing Umbra is the one with the absolute most channels and I would try to pear those down as much as possible. AS and EoS could be easily enough moved as is, with just some minor adjustments.

At one point @JumpingScript had the thought to reformat the server so that channels were allocated for play by a bot dynamically to reduce the number of channels. I had originally resisted this idea but all this considered, it may be time to try it. Coding the bot would be the problem.

Server Reboot

One of our major users, @Buckethead, has already stated that he might be done if we did a complete reboot. That is something I want to avoid. I don’t so much care about the people who just lurk and don’t do much of anything else. I do, very much, care about the people who actually participate. From what Bucket said there is the serious issues of killing storylines, which I get. I also can’t imagine he is the only one to feel that way.

Other Concerns of Users

  • A full reboot would kill all active storylines
  • The setting is very militaristic right now, might be helpful to see more of a civilian side
  • Players have been able to play whatever they want, might be good to do a partial reboot and have characters reapply under stricter rules

Stricter Rules

It has been suggested that we keep the server in the same place, go through and talk to players who have storylines they would not like to have broken, and purge characters that do not fit anymore / are inactive.

I have allowed many characters to join just without much of a look and even more to join because I trust the player and, honestly, I don’t want players to leave. This suggestion implies that my uneven application of character rules, vision for the setting, and the like are causing some of the problem. I really don’t know how true that is. I would like to get some comments on that.

Application Process

It has been suggested that our application process is just broken. This is something I agree with, characters sit in limbo waiting for approval. Originally this was supposed to automated the grunt-work of putting characters up onto the Wiki. That hasn’t happened (my fault), I overpromised on what I could do and the project died.

Going along with suggestions of reforming the application rules it has been suggested that we force prospective players to submit a writing sample which then must go through actual approval by staff. I’ve been a member of servers like this before and it can work. It has the advantage that if you get users and make them wait, they usually have a longer attention span than users who just want to get approved NOW and then wander off either right after finishing or before they even complete an intro.

All of our core players have lives, well everyone has lives, but our core players especially have a lot to juggle, this appeals to me.

If we go this route, we’d have to decide if previous characters can be grandfathered in. In a unified server, that would probably not be a big deal either.

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