Proposal for Brainstorming - Live Meetings

I have been trying for about a year or so to get players involved in brainstorming. From what I’ve learned in the field of education, it should help players take some ownership of the server and feel more willing to participate – well willing and able to participate.

I have hesitated to do anything in the vein of live meetings just because of time zones and other considerations. I have considered it for a good long while. I would like to get some input, I envision perhaps a weekly or bimonthly meeting to talk about new character arcs and such. Discord has really nice screen sharing and there are utilities like Google’s Jamboard for a whiteboard type surface where we can brainstorm and everyone can be on the same page.

I know that sounds a bit like work for some people. I feel like we’ve started to hit a wall on the casual server style of running. We’ve got great writers here, create content creators, but there is very low engagement. Perhaps a more organized project management approach?

I am not opposed to some kind of scheduled meeting.

I’d prefer if we limited the participations to staff and story masters (only those, whose story will be discussed).

I can see the reason for that, honestly I can also see reason to get more veteran players involved who are not staff. I can see things being quickly derailed by certain times of new players we’ve had in the past.

A thought that just popped in my mind: we might run into scheduling issues. At least ks and me are close to each other, but you’re like 6 or 7 hours behind us, right?
Plus, if we invite story masters to the meetings, there’s another timezone to be counted into the schedule.

I can’t really propose a solution though. The advantage of Live Meetings is, that the participants are bound to the discussion. A text conversation does not bind the participants as much as a live discussion.

You are absolutely correct, that kind of thing would be problematic to set up.

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