Project - Origins of Solas Tempus

As I stated in another post, I’m going to be starting a project to write a proper story about how Solas Tempus originated. I would also be open to doing stories about other facts of the role play, other settings. However, since I know Solas Tempus best, I will be looking to start with that. This will be my first attempt in a very long time to do a proper story, and I would like everyone’s help!

For those people who would like to contribute we’ll be using Git to manage changes and the like so that everyone can participate. People will have to join the Keybase team to contribute (sorry) as that is where drafting and outlining will be done of the actual document, though I will continue to post ideas here.

Keybase GIT Link


This should work with any and all GIT packages using GIT’s plugin architecture. I’d prefer not use use GitHub as I’d like to get everything settled into a final or near-final draft before making the whole thing public.

The initial commit was made so now it is live.

Here is the rough draft of the introduction (in PDF form). Any comments are welcome.
Introduction.pdf (30.0 KB)

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