Pre-Launch for the Stellar Horizon

After the selection of the key personnel for the STV Stellar Horizon, Admiral Thomas calls for the command crew to meet at Nimbus Station for a briefing on their first assignment once they take command of the vessel, which is still under refit but should be completed soon. The initial mission will serve as a proof of concept, of sorts, for the new crew to get used to each other and the new ship.


Bucket arrives at this meeting. He didn’t know if he needed to be in uniform or not, so he just wore his old armor. He waves to Lance upon arrival.

Five would arrive shortly after bucket nodding to admiral and him. Borg would stand with hands tied behind her back somewhat on side.

Minute later Alema would walk as well she would nod to Lance and bucket before standing next to bucket.

Vlad and Asmodius arrive after Alema both arriving at the same time to each other. Vlad smiles and waves to Lance before filing in. Asmodius just nods and stands there quietly. Vlad is in his ST fatigues and Asmodius in his repaired Mjolnir armor with his helmet off and carried on his left arm.

Amy Redford entered the meeting room not too long after Vlad in her standard ST uniform, giving a slight smile to the others with a nod to the Admiral

Because I forgot that Lance is still in sickbay after the fight with the Vex, we are retconning that to be Sal.

Admiral D’Amico smiled at each person as they entered. There was food there, which wasn’t uncommon necessarily for a briefing, especially if it might take a while but given what was there this was more celebratory and auspicious than a standard mission briefing. “Please, make yourselves comfortable while we wait for Shiro to arrive, I’m sure she won’t be much longer.” Sal says with a wide smile.

Soon after Shiro enters room “Didn’t mean to keep everyone waiting.” she says casually.

Bucket nodded, unsure if it was okay to get some of the food yet. So he just stood there.

Sal nods to Shiro as she enters, and then once everyone has a chance to sit down (thus meaning protocol would allow for partaking of the food and the like) he directs their attention to the center of the table where a hologram appears as the lights dim. “Alright, welcome Command, now let us begin.” A hologram of the Stellar Horizon appears, “This is your new ship, the STV Stellar Horizon, Nova Class, so it is small and maneuverable. It has an auxiliary craft, the Discovery.” and it highlights where the Waverider shuttle is docked, on the under-side of the saucer, laying flush with the saucer though its outline is visible, “That will be piloted, primarily, by someone that some of you may know, Sylvie, who spent a decent mount of time on the Blazing Umbra station.”

He paused and then continued, “Your mission will be, generally, to explore unknown systems and determine if there are habitable planets, gather information on resources and potential allies. Not only that, but you will be also push the boundaries of what we know.” he smiles at all of them. Then he continues after a short pause, “Your first mission, however, will not take place here. Your first mission is going to take place on the other side of the Janus Gate.” He pauses a moment to let that settle in, “We have reason to believe that we have found a source of the mineral known as Naquadah, a probe has picked up energy signatures of the mineral in a star system in a parallel reality.”

With that, the hologram changes to be a general diagram of the star system including the path the probe went through, “We know almost nothing about this reality, however, and while the probe has not detected anything in that system other than a few planets of varied classes, it is felt we should send a ship to explore the system, confirm the presence of the Naquadah, determine if anyone lives in that system, and proceed with opening dialogue - should the system be inhabited - to acquire the rights to collect mineral.”

He pauses again, “Now, I know this isn’t exactly a pure exploration job, but it should be a good venue to get to used the ship, the crew, and each other.” With a smile he nods to everyone, “One more thing, which has been kept out of the public eye for security concerns. The Stellar Horizon is equipped with a Stargate and an advanced version of the Trans-Dimensional Beacon. The gate will be pre-programmed to allow it to connect with the gate at Nimbus or any other site here on this end, and the beacon should allow us to obtain a faster lock onto your location in the event it is needed.” The hologram changes to a general diagram of the beacon summoning a wormhole to the ship from the gate on Nimbus in technical terms.

“Any questions?”


“How much time do we have to prepare for launch?” Amy asks pragmatically but with enthusiasm

“The Stellar Horizon will arrive in the morning, we are scheduled for a shakedown cruise around the system at 0800, then assuming all systems check out, departing by 1200.” Sal sys with a nod to everyone there, “Also, let me introduce you to your ships XIA, she will be the primary computer interface for command crew.” With that, Kyria floats into the room. She nods at everyone, “I am Kyria Amphion, I have accepted the assignment to the ship and I will be processing information too and from the computer system and the crew. My specialty will be in collating information about protocols and languages of new people and races discovered.” She heads over to the center of the table and gracefully lands there. “I have downloaded all of the information relating to the mission.”

Bucket sits quietly, eating some of the food.

“Hello Kyria” Vlad says getting some water “This will be an interesting change of pace for me hopefully i don’t mess up.”

“What is the most we could expect technologically from anything we might encounter?” Asmodius asks

Alema and Five would nod to Kyria, both saying simply “Nice to meet you”

Shiro nods to Kyria and simply says “Greatings”

Once all the greetings are finished, Sal looks around the table, “Does anyone have any further questions about the mission? I will admit, information is sparse, but I have faith in all of you to complete it none the less.”

Bucket continues to sit quietly, to himself. He has no questions.

As the meeting wraps up, with there being no more questions. They are left with the mundane, room assignments, shift assignments, that sort of thing… Finally, the meeting ends, knowing the ship will arrive in the morning.