Practice makes perfect. (open-ended)

Practice makes perfect, right?

Drem hasn’t been seen since late last night, she’s been in the holodeck for over 13 hours, Training. Something motivated her, but nobody could be sure of what.

She pulls her katana forward and holds it, her arms shake very lightly, but not as much as before. There’s a fierce look in her eyes, one that could cause a slight panic to another. Now, she usually would not release this sort of beast-like strength in battle, but this was different. She had to prepare for what was to come. She fends off three more, but more holograms appear and corner her. She begins to slash at them, trying to forge a way through the left side of them, she’s studied the area around her, with the amount of trees around them, it would be harder for them to follow her to the left, as it gets much more crowded with trees.

One could tell she was at her limit, sweat trickling down her face, hair messed up in a bun. She tells herself that this isn’t even as bad at it could get…

She had wondered if anyone had heard anything outside the holodeck, but her mind cannot think straight as she is once again crowded by tens to twenties of holograms.

Lance had wondered where Drem had been. Oh, he knew where she had physically been, but her mind had been somewhere else. No, he wondered where she had really been in the last few weeks. She was strange, there was never any relaxation, never any ending to something being wrong. There was always something wrong. A nightmare, some horrible thing coming, it was just something one had to get used to if they were to be with Drem. He enjoyed being with her and thus he had to add that layer of complication to his life.

She’d been on the holodeck for a good while when he gave up waiting for her for dinner. He tapped his communicator and said, “HAL, locate Drem.” It wasn’t long before an answer came back, “Drem is in Holodeck 2.” He sighed, this was the 2nd dinner in a while where she’d promised to show up and had not. He didn’t even know what this was about. Standing up he sighed a bit and thought to himself, if she won’t come to me for dinner, then I suppose I’ll go to her. He had not invaded one of her holodeck sessions yet, he hadn’t even used his access to the system for finding out what programs she was running but she was starting to get worried now.

He had his normal gear on and headed off to the holodeck himself. He was going to request entry to the room but instead, he used his command codes and unlocked the door. Stepping in, he wondered what he would find in there.

He finds what seems to be a large forest, with an opening. There’s a pistol hung up in a tree, and what seems to be multiple holograms scattered around, the ones within a ten-foot range simply stare at him, along with dead ones across the floors. Like targets, Drem had definitely been up to something.

Drem had completely lost sense of track and time, hell, she thought she’d only been in there for an hour or two, thinking the dinner was still far off. Lance would also be able to tell that there was no way of telling time, except for her PADD and equipment, which was somewhere around. If Drem spends the most time anywhere, it’s in a holodeck. Either in an ocean, or a battlefield.

Katana in hand, she continues to slash through the large group, There’s no emotion across her face, but her fighting doesn’t go off as reckless. She’s controlling herself, but not in a good way. Wiping out multiple ones, the bodies disappear and more appear few feet away. She hasn’t noticed Lance yet, and so, she’s still continues fighting, she refuses to use her pistol, and sticks to her katana. If she is able to use the pistol in close combat, she would.

She’s about twenty feet away from Lance. All he can see is the multiple targets around her, and more forming as she continues to wipe them out.

And by this time, a certain gray skinned 5’9 man had been walking the halls, a smile on what could be seen of him as he had one hand in his pockets and another one (his left) with the lower forearm lifted as its upper forearm stayes as it would be if he was casually walking.

In the hand if his left arm, tiny splashes too quiet for a normal human ear could be heard unless close-up. The sound of liquid would be coming from the twirling of a vial containing a black liquid across all five fingers of the hand. It spun in loops like a DNA spiral if it had a track leftover. Though the liquid would never spill out since it also had its cork on tightly, ensuring it not having a single drop escape the glass container

By now everyone reading should know it’s Flask who was walking down he hallways, and that he was twirling around his disintegration potion. He was about to head to the holodeck to put it into practice in the case of a fight. As he was walking there, a greedy and confident yet cocky smile was on him, as his hair did what it always did, cover up the entire top half of his head. He walked into the holedeck and instantly sensed Lance there. Yet he sae him just standing still and observing what someone else was doing.

He moved over to the left side of Lance, and by this point Lance could see him out of the corner of his eye. His smile had disappeared into a neutral one which said “What’s going on here?” He kept twirling his poion, though that soon came to a stop when he sensed Drem off in the distance. He couldn’t sense the holograms other than light off in the distance, but he could hear Drem’s body systems go wild as well as her heavy breathing in the distance. That spawned him to lightly flick the potion up into the air and catch it as soon as gravity began to take effect, having the vial and its containments be covered up by his now clenched fist holding onto it.

Flask put his left hand in his pocket, and let go of the potion once it was, though no one could see it. He spoke up
"So, I come at a bad time Admiral?"
He says in a neutral tone. He didn’t look to Lance, but instead he looked to Drem. Obviously he’s blind so he could really look up at the ceiling and it wouldn’t change a thing. Though he focused on Drem to show that he was primarily focusing on something. But it was obvious he was talking to Lance

Lance had thought he’d stepped in far enough for the door to close behind him, but apparently he had not. He didn’t look at Flask directly, but he answered, “I don’t know, this isn’t my program. Did you need something?” he asks lightly. He watched Drem fight on, it was all holograms so it wasn’t like she was in danger at all. Still, he was itching to draw his light saber and take some of the holograms out himself. He chuckled as he thought of holographically changing his clothes to a Scottish Highlander and going at the enemy targets with a bastard sword. He didn’t say much though, mostly, he just watched.

Drem has almost cleared them up, finally reaching a break point to stop at. The ones that disappear do not regenerate, and then the numbers that surround her begin to slowly get smaller.
Theres a few left, and she’s about to fall over, but she keeps herself balanced and finishes them off. She can now notice lance and flask, who can see the odd look in her eyes, but as soon as she blinks, it disappeared. She looks to them, a bit confused as to why they were there.
‘Level cleared’ read the screen infront of her.

Flask still had his head to Drem as she continued on, but whatbhe said was obvious directed to Lance. What he said was also during Drem continuing her training while she didn’t notice him and Lance

“I was about to practice with my new potion in a fight, see how it faired. But then I come into this, and I can sense she’s pushing herself really far, and that she’s been here for a while now. You training her or something? Because her body systems are acting crazy right now”

Lance looks at what’s going on and listens to Flask and then says, “Computer,” making the first announcement of his presence, “load the targets from my calisthenics program titled Swarmers, difficulty level 35. Enable dynamic adaptations.” The computer agree’s as he steps forward, if Flask is in far enough to the door will close and vanish behind him. The computer responds, “Confirmed, Swamers, level 35, dynamic adaptation enabled.” and then all the enemies clear off for a moment.

The scenery is kept and Lance unclips his light saber, activating it so the glowing blade extends with its customary humming sound. He doesn’t know what Drem’s reaction is going to be - or Flask for that matter - but they don’t get much of a chance to react. Before long, there is rustling all around in the woods… The hordes are now on their way. He looks at Flask and then at Drem and says, “Now, lets dance.”

As she listened to what lance said, she smirked. Her katana already was out, and she hears the swarmers through the woods. While she wouldn’t know if she needed her pistol, she could still easily access it.

She has already been fighting, so its easy to get her into the mood to fight these ‘swarmers’ and such.

Flask senses Lance joining in on the fun Drem was having, and immediately decides to join in as well. His evil smile grows to full-on psychotic as he begins to walk to them fighting

“You better hope that’s the highest difficulty Admiral, because I got some practice to do!” He calls out to Lance as he begins to laugh the closer he gets to the battlefield, him beginning to laugh on top of his smile

He begins to run towards where they were fighting now, and he gets his desintegration effect underway. Though he doesn’t pull out the potion he had with him from before, instead he tensed up the muscles in his upper fore-arm and if Lance looked closely as Flask’s fully-exposed arms he would have noticed something.

On both of his arms he has 3 bulge below his skin. On both arms they were at his wrist, elbow, upper forearm near his shoulder, and ones that he couldn’t right away see that were in his armpits between his upper forearm and side of his body, totalling in 8 across both arms. They were in the same shape as Flask’s vials if they were to be compared, and that would make it clear what was causing his bulges

As Flask tensed his muscles, a cracking noise could be heard, but not over the sounds of the piles of corpses that were being made. A second later his hands turn completely black, and by that time he was already at a charging horde of holograms. Flask was able to meneuver through them and hit a couple of them dead on in the face, and by that point they would be on the floor. They would be screaming in pain, if the settings allowed them to, as their skin and flesh turned black and flaky slowly. Soon though they’d stop as they would already be dead fron Flask’s effects reaching their holographic brain, and if anyone were to touch the blackened parts of them they’d fall apart to ash

Flask kept going at it on at the soldiers, getting them one by one. He did get a couple of injuries that, well, didn’t really injure him at all. But even if it did he’d take it like a champ and batlte onward. He continued to fight the waves and waves of holograms, laughing uncontrollable as he does so

Lance literally rolled his eyes as Flask and how he looked. This was absurd. He had wanted to come down here and talk to Drem, maybe practice with her a bit. But now, Flask was there and lord only knew who else would come in. It wasn’t like he had been invited and Drem could certainly speak for herself so he just inwardly sighed. He spared a single look at Drem as the incoming creatures became more visible in all directions now. They were short little monkey-like creatures about 3 or 4 feet tall each. They walked on two legs and carried spears, they moved incredibly fast. Far faster than the ugly little fuckers looked like they should be able to move.

He raises his light saber and takes up a combat stance, waiting until they get on top of them before attacking.

For Flask, they begin to mob him quickly, first 10, then 15, then he’s surrounded by a cloud of them in all directions around him trying to stab at Flask with their diamond sharp spears. They safety’s were enabled, but that didn’t mean that the spears didn’t hurt. The computer had ways of doing that, making things hurt that would normally have caused serious wounds.

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