Posting a New Character Application

When posting a new character application, the forum will automatically populate a new post with the appropriate template. Please use the automatically generated template to submit a new character do not copy and paste from this post. Not all fields are required but as many as possible will help you get approved faster. We do require about a paragraph (roughly 100-200 words) to describe your character’s personality as well as a similar 100-200 words to describe your character’s background. New players should read through out Character Approval and Site Rules pages on our Wiki prior to submitting a character. This forum defaults to all new posts being “Wikis”, this means they are editable so that changes can be made after character submission. Once a character is approved a it will be linked from here to the wiki and further changes on the forum will be locked.

Note all character elements are subject to approval, just because one player has a character with certain abilities, skills, equipment, or backgrounds doesn’t mean anyone can have that. We take all characters on a case-by-case basis.

Players wishing to apply for a specific position listed in our Current Positions list should be as detailed as possible. Characters for key positions within the game have a higher bar to be approved than other characters, due to the fact that the character has a position of authority and will be able to shape how the game progresses through their in-game actions.

Character Images

There is space at the end of the template to uploaded images. Discourse support drag and drop as well as other methods.

Basic Demographics

|player= (Required)
This is you, who you are, either your Discord ID or some other name you want to be known by.

|name= (Required)
Your characters name, what they call themselves.

An alternate name for your character, an alias, nickname, or callsign.

|race= (Required)
Your characters race. This is not for ethnicities such as “African American” or “Japanese”, rather it is for Human, Orc, Elf, Klingon, Roman, etc. Also acceptable are hybrids and abnormal humans.

|alignment= (Required)
How your character reacts to laws and other people (see longer description below).

|gender= (Required)
Your characters gender, does not have to match the characters physical sex but if a character is transgendered or does not have a standard gender, it should be specified. Such as Androgynous or Transgendered Male.

|height= (Required)
How tall is your character.

The approximate weight of your character.

Hair and eye colors. Also note if a character is bald (has no hair) or if they have no eyes.

Self explanatory, not required, also can be approximate age or physical appearance, simply not if it is anything but a standard age in years. Characters are required to be at least 16 years of age or equivalently mature.

When and where was a character born, most characters will use these, though they are not required.

When and where a character was created. This is for character that were not born but made, either by gene splicing (i.e. born in a test tube) or constructed such as AI’s, androids, and other robots.

Does your character come from a specific universe? If they come from a universe of your own design, you can simply put Unique if they are native to the game universe put the name of the game setting such as Blazing Umbra. If they come from a video game, book / comic series, movie / TV universe, specify that universe by the name of the series.

Name what your character does for a living, how they make ends meet.

Does the character work for a particular organization?

What kind of body does your character have? This includes any special notes about their bodies / appearance that fit there, such as do they have wings, a tail, animal ears, etc.

Which of our settings will you be playing your character in? Generally speaking you have to pick one, and only one, to play a character in.


Toward Laws Toward People
Lawful Good
Neutral Neutral
Chaotic Evil

The first pertains to how a character responds / feels about laws and authority. Lawful is self explanatory, neutral is a belief in balancing out the personal needs vs. the collective needs. Chaotic is where a character chooses their own path or has their own code.

The second pertains to how a character responds to / feels about other people. Good is some version of a character who tries to do right by those they meet, that is they try to help others and have empathy toward others. A neutral person is someone who believes in balance and usually have some personal code or way to judge new situations that allows them to choose when it’s time to be good and when it’s ok to be selfish. An evil character will do what is right for themselves against the greater good, unless they are convinced a more compassionate path would work best for them.

Evil do not have to be interested in world domination or hurt others, they can accept the laws or rules of society and simply look out for themselves within the system. Likewise a good character does not have to be good and pure, it refers to the way the look at others.

There are two specific alignment combinations that are difficult to play and require additional explanation. True Neutral (an alignment of Neutral Neutral) and Chaotic Neutral. These two specific alignments can be difficult to play.

True Neutral

A true neutral character is a person who believes in some kind of greater balance to the universe. They are capable of both good and evil, of being lawful, and unlawful as needed by their sense of balance. Balance is everything to a true neutral character, they will tend not to defy that sense of balance to do good or evil. As such a true neutral is capable of letting a party member die just as much as they are capable of performing heroic acts to save that party member so long as either act helps bring balance to the world.

Chaotic Neutral

The chaotic neutral alignment is often said by some to be the alignment of a crazy person. It can be, at it’s core it denotes a character that has their own code to the extreme, their personal beliefs (or lack there of) are more important than the laws of the land, conventions of society, and anyone they meet along the way. This can be a character who is unstable, goes where their thoughts and impulses take them with no regard for others – i.e. a crazy person. This can also be a person who goes their own path and has a very strong code they themselves follow whether is helps or hurts anyone along their way.

Personality (Required)

Right under the character demographics is a space for you to describe your character’s personality. DO NOT just put a list of 2-3 adjectives and call it good. We expect there to be about a 100-200 word paragraph here that describes the outlook and general behavior of your character. You can, of course, put more than that.

Special Abilities

List any innate abilities your character has. These are abilities they are born with and can use without training, though abilities can of course include things they are trained to do well. Magic users or psionic characters would list those as special abilities along with having superior intelligence, the ability to fly, breath under water, etc…

Special Skills

List any notable special skills the character has learned. This can go hand-in-hand with their abilities. A magic user could be a trained wizard who focuses on a specific area of magic.

Special Equipment

List any notable special equipment the character enters the game with. This should include anything you want to make sure is noted the character has when they enter the game. It can include books, electronics, personal belongings of special value, vehicles, and/or ships.

Background (Required)

While this goes hand in hand with the personality, this should describe a rough outline of the characters life up until the time they enter the game. At least a 100-200 word paragraph about their past. Note, other characters will not just know this information. We generally want players to be as detailed as possible about a character.

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