Poll - Dealing with Abandoned Lore

It may / may not be news, but Ryu (Ryu Ketsueki) has left the game. Normally, we don’t do announcements of this kind of thing. This is, however, different. Ryu introduced lore to the game, some very well thought out lore. Specifically with his custom species of Dragons called Draco Sapiens. This was kind of his project, something he developed himself and was very proud of.

The species was not wiped or recategorized when he left the game, though all of his characters were listed as Abandoned. I am unsure how to deal with this race which is very important to that player. That being said, some players have made characters of this race. I want to give people the opportunity to comment and help decide what we do with these “references” to the race and player.

What should we do with Draco Sapiens?

  • Keep
  • Delete / Remove References
  • Delete / Keep References

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