Political Pressure Arc

What’s gone before…

Where to go from here…

We had a really good racial tension vibe going, special thanks to everyone who worked on that. This plot is still active though, and I’d like to see about pushing it forward in a way that makes sense for the amount of time that has passed.

Things have a way of becoming normal so I’d like to start pushing plot forward which shows the racial tensions are not gone and still very much a part of peoples lives on the station. Now, to that end I wanted to see about those characters who are obviously non-human such as those played by @Spartan_889, @Left4Cake, @darktrooper501, and anyone else who has a character in the Abnormal Human category.

Specific Points

  • Privileged Human / Non-Human Citizen Divide
  • Unaffected Population being Unaware
  • Onyx Agents Pushing
    • A crime-driven plot that enhances the racial divide.
    • Sightings of some kind of instigator / rumors of incarceration but no evidence.
  • Providence of Truth Return
    @darktrooper501 and his pirate broadcast within Schatten the Providence Truth category on the Wordpress has more on that.
  • Increased Incidents
    Things that don’t rise to the level of illegal and fall under free speech but are still wrong.
  • External Reaction
    A reaction to the things going on with Schatten / the system getting a bad reputation. Also, people arriving because they want that environment.