Police Chase Ends in Suicide by Cop

Originally published at: Police Chase Ends in Suicide by Cop – Molten Aether News

In the Southern California desert, north of the small town of Schubach police were lead on a chase that lasted several hours through the near-empty roads toward Needles, California. While the name of the individual has not been released, police have said that the male suspect had stolen a motorcycle when police followed a trucker to the only gas station for miles. It is believed that this unknown man had been in contact with the driver, Joshua Lopez. Lopez had been flagged at a weigh station when police discovered inconsistencies in his paperwork. When they called the trucking company that hired him, the company had no knowledge of Lopez being sent to Los Angeles at all, stating he was not driving for them.

Police then followed Lopez to Schubach intent on inspecting the vehicles cargo. Before they could do this, the unnamed suspect detonated some kind of explosive device destroying the police cruisers. In the confusion the suspect left the scene on a stolen motorcycle. The townsfolk in Schubach identified the man as Samual Hawthorn a well respected local, known for his kindness to others. The area has seen significant hardships after the 2008 recession and Hawthorn was known among many to have helped out his neighbors, buying food and other necessities. While none knew him particularly well, the people were spoke to were genuinely shocked at the turn of events.

The chase that Hawthorn allegedly lead police on ended abruptly when the suspect was caught at an abandoned property. When police caught up with him, he approached and rather than surrender attempted to shoot them, police say. That is when police shot and killed him.

Hawthorn lived with a woman only identified as Willow, police have stated that her body was located two days ago with two bullet holes in the back of the head. They believes Hawthorn and Lopez may have been involved in some way with organized crime. The area around Schubach is somewhat known among truck drivers as a good place to go in order to avoid questions. Residents of Schubach were quick to comment that Willow had been very ill and Hawthorn was caring for her.

Police are investigating further.