Poking the Bear (Mastema‎ / Amber)

Just as a side note, there may be another RP opening soon with Amber Cross, this RP happens after that RP takes place.

Amber had been assigned to get more information on this new arrival, Mastema. He had been on the station for a while now, and she wasn’t sure how to move forward yet. Should she try talking to him first or learn some of his habits? He didn’t appear to be the dangerous type but she had a feeling that if she was caught following him, he’d be less than happy with her. So, perhaps talking to the person would yield a better first impression. The young woman had planned things out the evening before, had the computer track his location and waiting for him to be in the recreation module before she approached. She wore a simple pair of cut off shorts, but nothing too revealing, with a t-shirt on when she approached him, her tennis shoes were quiet on the grass as she came up behind him and cleared her throat.

Mastema always enjoyed the recreational module though he never used it for exercise, demons do not need to maintain muscle mass. As he strolled across the trail he would reminisce on his duties before the fall. Setting the stars into motion, dictating the paths of the planets but such things were no longer possible for him to do. As he walked a feeling rose up from the back of his mind, he felt vulnerable again. One thing he had been doing recently was showing his weakness and such a thing was unforgivable for a businessman let alone a demon. He was lost within his own mind when he heard Amber clear her throat. He instinctively turned around with a smile to greet whoever was it that wanted to talk to him for he never knew who was a potential customer. He would survey her to see that she seemed to be there for a reason but what it was he could find out. “Hello” he says with a fake warmness that had been practiced innumerable times.

She didn’t know this man but was weary anyway. If what she had been told was true, he was dangerous. She smiled, “You’re new here, aren’t you?” she asked with a light and happy voice, she wasn’t pouring on the cute or the sexy or anything else, but rather just a bit of light and happy. See how he responded to that, “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, I just wanted to say hello really.” She blushed just a fraction of a hair, letting her mind fill with some memory that would always make her blush a bit. It was fake, of course, she was tense inside - though it might be hard for him to notice (might not, she had no idea his abilities). Reports had that he had been no trouble at all since being here, but he made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

He scrutinized her face when she talked and noticed some near imperceptible facial twitches mostly from tensed muscles. She was nervous that much seemed clear, since he arrived at the station he had been met with suspicion. It seemed as if the humans here had more than one brain cell and could use them too. At the same time most people had displayed a large amount of curiosity to new arrivals, notably what their world was like and who they were before the splice. She seemed genuine in her response and he took notice of the blush, perhaps she was asked to do this as a dare from her coworkers and she is feeling a bit embarrassed. Either way he set in his mind to not be so forward about his ‘career’ lest she become more suspicious like what happened with Siv. “Yes i am new here and it is no bother trust me, my name is Mastema and whom might you be miss?.”

“My name is Amber,” she began and the smile turned more genuine and warm. He had responded well, friendly, and that was a plus. “Amber Cross,” she extended a hand to him in greeting. He was going over things in her mind, but she worked by the seat of her pants, instinct, intuition, and didn’t really plan anything else. Some would have said such an attitude was why she was still not a Lt. Commander. She didn’t care though, to her, it was just life, she’d be promoted eventually. Hard work always paid off. For now though, she was intrigued by this one.

He shakes her hand. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance miss Cross.” He kept observing, her posture and movements showed significant confidence and patience. As far as he could tell her plan up to that point was to merely say hi and perhaps chit chat. He was used to idle talk but never with anyone that knew he was a demon. He couldn’t help but to curse the fact that his wings seemed permanently visible to everyone. It meant that the conversation would inevitably lead to his backstory, a sore topic for him. The nature in this module was one of the few things that calmed him down so continuing his stroll would help. “If its all the same to you would you care to join me on my stroll?” He motions down the trail.

She offered him her arm in the polite old-ish way of humans and smiled at him, “Oh, that would be lovely.” It was clear she had taken the wings in and the rest of his appearance, “Your home must be a lot different than here.” she commented, but didn’t actually ask what it was like, wondering if he’d offer up the information.

He stares for a second, then obliges with his arm, moving his wings so they are not in the way. He hasn’t seen many people walk like that so it took him by surprise. Her unpredictability was keeping him on his toes and could cause him to lose composure or worse divulge information. “Well not that different, if your history is any indication it would be nearly indistinguishable from the late 20th to early 21st centuries”

“I never cared much for either of those centuries,” she admits to him while they walk, “too much of, well, everything. Too much poverty, war, hate, violence.” she shudders, “Just a bad environment to be in.”

“Well compared to this place it was but seeing how brutal people used to be in the centuries before made it seem not as bad.” her shiver brought back memories of the horrors of the rebellion during its final days, “It was not the same though, as evidenced by me and the other interesting creatures that humanity did not notice”

“Well,” she smiled at him, “Most didn’t notice. People tend to ignore the strange and unusual, it upsets their concept of reality. People don’t want to be afraid like that if they don’t have it.” she looks at him, “It doesn’t scare me anymore, not that I want to be in a back ally with a Vampire closing in without my phaser at hand, mind you. That’s just being smart though.”

Vampire? He thought, had the little changeling been talking? It was possible for vampires to exist outside his reality but this was too big a coincidence, he needed to know more. “Well yes it’s certainly true people shut out what they don’t understand, like children afraid of the dark.” His eyes showed sadness for a brief moment. “So there are such creatures in the other worlds?”

“Not many now but once.” She admitted… “I’m sure it sounds fantastical to you, it’s what my group does, study such things as most would find too much to be true.”

“So this organization hunted vampires? I guess you can’t do much studying when a blood sucker is trying to kill you. What sort of fantastical things have you studied?”

“Well, not specifically, but we have had to.” she looks at him, “Most of the things that go bump in the night are real, at least on some level here. Some defy conventional explanation, some do not. My group, well my sub-group, is called Vident Obscura, or just Obscura for short. We specialize in the supernatural, unexplained, paranormal. Anything that science can’t figure out, especially if it comes from myths and legends.”

Vident Obscura, so that is why she is here. he does not wish to talk about his past but he doesn’t want to cause problems. It was clear that he was of interest to them, demons are a thing of myth to many human cultures. “Vident Obscura, Peering into the dark. So i guess you would like to know the story of this shadow in the dark.”

She shakes her head, “That sounds like it would take a while.” and then she smiles at him again, “Perhaps I just want to get to know you? We’re not … Boogeymen you know. We just want to learn about things and,” she pauses and drops a bit of the pretense, “I would like to get to know you a bit better, so far I haven’t seen you do anything that would be considered harmful to the station, so if you are indeed a demon, it brings up some serious questions about what a demon is.”

His face becomes serious “I am an outlier, in most cases a demon you encounter in my world will act in much the same way that one would expect. However, just because I find violence useless don’t think that i don’t hold the same resentment towards humans that they do. I just mind my manners while they don’t, not to mention that I am not certain the capabilities of the people and gods here. It would be imprudent of me to act without further information.”

She nods while he talks and thinks, “I have to say this is the first conversation I’ve ever had with a demon. Logic says I should be afraid, but I can’t say that I am.” she thinks for a moment, “I don’t mean to pry, but why is it demons resent humans so much?”

“They say that of all the animals of creation man is the only one who eats without being hungry, drinks without being thirsty, And speaks without having anything to say.” He pauses “We gave up so much only to give man the knowledge of good and evil. We thought that this would allow you to be able to challenge even God’s power. Yet when we returned from hell we saw that humans threw it all away in pursuit of hollow vanities.”