PI character submission AS

  • Player ID:timot1066
  • Character Name:Linton Russell
  • Race: Hunan
  • Gender: Male
    Height / Weight: 5ft11, 90kg Hair / Eye Color: Black, Green eyes
    Age / DoB: 29
    Place of Birth: Boston
  • Universe of Origin: Angelic Sins
  • Occupation: Private Investigator
  • Rank / Skill Level:* Body Type: Unremarkable, average height
  • Personality:“Flamboyant” and usually unprofessional when not on business (obviously). Sarcastic piece of shit if you ask me
    Special Skills:Deduction, observation, “snooping” Special Abilities: Basic police training Background: Born to a working class family in downtown Boston, Linton was never really liked by his peers, seen as immature. This continued on into the police academy in which he only averagely passed the exam. It wasn’t as though he wasn’t capable of grading higher, no, he was just a tad lazy. After three years of complaints to human resources and frustration with lack of promotion and superiors, he packed and left. Struggling to find money and work, ye went out on a limb and moved to Chicago. Over the next few years he would build up his personal Private Investigations office from a single office room to a staggering two adjoining rooms. Linton PI is the usual destination for low budget investigations and shady ones alike, even though these overlap quite often. Its unknown how his small business has remained registered and legal throughout many inspections, but one can be sure the revenue inspector comes out with a larger wallet than when they walked in. Linton Russell is both dedicated to his work and willing to take dirty money. But don’t let his bad business practices deceive you. If he’s enthralled by a case, you can be assured Linton will crack it. Unless he can’t.

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