Peridoodle, Mutant Gem

{{Character Box
|player= Peridoodle
|name= Peridot
|fullname= Peridot Vega Nightingale
|altname= Peri, Peridoodle, doodle
|race= Gem
|alignment= Neutral Good
|gender= Female
|height= 4'10"
|weight= 97 lb
|haircolor= black
|eyecolor= teal
|age= 25
|dob= N/A
|creationdate= 12/24/2363
|birthplace= N/A
|creationplace= A dead planet named Maubulon 6
|universe= Steven Universe
|occ= Xenobiologist
|org= Homeworld (Era 3)
|figure= Long lizard tail, fit physique, busty, Hand-like feet with pawpads, large paws for hands, marsupial pouch, bat ears, gills on cheeks (for sensing heat), smooth skin, gem for right eye.
|setting= Blazing Umbra

Peridoodle is usually shy and reserved. she can also be moody at times, when first meeting someone, she usually tries to hide away. She is honest, yet tries to be polite. She believes in kindness towards all sapient life, but will not hesitate to harm those who she deems as enemies. She is primal and animalistic, and will often see the world through her tongue, which she uses to smell things. Unfamiliar areas scare her. She loves technology, biology, and the darkness. she’s also quite goth and will wear mostly dark grey, purple, or black.

== Special Abilities ==
Acute senses, wall climbing, gem-like healing, and ability to shed and regenerate her tail.
She can shapeshift, but her forms are not any stronger than her regular form, she can only use this power if she’s full on energy. It’s a utilitarian ability.

== Special Skills ==
Knowledge of creatures, and the skill to reverse engineer technology (but not necessarily able to put things back together)

== Special Equipment ==
A red collar with a skull shaped bell that she is emotionally attached to and will never take it off, and a cheeseburger shaped backpack to hold her supplies.

== Background ==
Peridoodle comes from a dead planet named Maubulon 6, where she was created in the rocks of the cliffs. The planet is covered in pink snow. She wandered for the majority of her life, aimlessly, without purpose, without any sense of direction or self awareness. This all changed when she met other gems, who have since left the planet. Peridoodle was the last to leave. She used to look like a regular peridot until a controlled burst of intense radiation changed her appearance permanently, and gave her a vampiric thirst for blood in addition. She has also reclaimed lost gem powers from previous eras. She was assigned to be a xenobiologist by Yellow Diamond after Era 3, to better understand organic life and bring better relations to gems and other sapient species throughout the universe. Peridoodle spent her time being a personal companion to other beings, all the while learning about them and better understanding how they behave. She has speciated from standard gems into a species she calls a “fragmentary gem”.

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