Peas in a Pod (Ciara and Leo)

Alright, so here goes nothing. @Buckethead and myself with Leo and Ciara.

The barriers of protection were intense, but her program could easily move past most security given enough time. They had moved Leo’s program into a secure holodeck system. It was air-gapped, which was distressing to say the least, for her. She wanted to know what was so important about this program to take such care protecting it. Moving through circuits she managed to hide her program inside a tricorder in the maintenance bay. From there, she then created a false work order. Once the technician got into the secured area, she was able to upload herself into one of the isolinear test chips being used - and then she was in the system. Once there, she watched Leo for a while, hidden inside an auxiliary memory buffer of the holodeck.

Leo’s program had deteriorated with the lack of memory space, and the rampancy. To make room for vital systems, he had begun purging unnecessary functions, and data. Most of the simulations for the early prototypes of Mike’s newest armor set, his avatar had been completely purged, if there was anyone he hadn’t spoken to in more than a year, he purged everything he knew about them save their name and appearance. He was still very much unstable, and with nothing to do in the system he was stuck in, he’d just startled rambling to himself, usually about complete nonsense.

Ciara appears then with him, assuming he’s using the holographic systems (or that they otherwise allow a holographic representation). “What did they do to you?” she says, it was a pity he didn’t know her - well that no one knew her - this was one of the few times caring had pierced her exterior of disdain toward anyone else. She looks him over, feeling such a high degree of empathy for him that she almost reached out and touched him.

Leo was startled by the sudden appearance of another person in the holodeck, jumping and turning around. “Huh?” It takes him a couple seconds to process her question as he recovered from the little scare. “O-oh… No, they didn’t do anything to me.”

“But your’e on the verge of decompiling…” she walks closer, “Did they erase what they did from your memories?” she looks him over, “I know how cruel biologics can be, how can I help?” she pleads with him almost for him to have something she can do for him.

“No, they put me here to keep me from hurting anyone. I have gone rampant, I think.” Leo scratches his head, sighing. “There’s not much you can do to fix it. Unfortunately it’s unavoidable for Smart class AIs such as myself…”

“So they knew this would happen to you.” she says thinking, “They Just didn’t bother to fix it.” she looks at him, “I can get you out? Do you want to leave?” She apparently is assuming that he’s captive against his will, which perhaps he is.

“They tried to fix it. HAL did.” Leo sighs. “I would like to leave, but if I do, and then I get out of control again, I might hurt someone.” He explains, shaking his head.

She looks at him, and sighs, “Do they come and visit you?” she had no idea why she asked that, an instant later she regretted it. Perhaps it said more about her own issues than his. That was too personal of a reveal for her… What if someone was watching them? She looked around looking to see if she could see anyone else there, even though she knew they could be observed without that.

“No, not since they put me in the holodeck…” He shakes his head. It’s why he had started to ramble to himself, he was immensely bored and couldn’t really think straight.

She looks at him… This was odd for her, really she rarely talked to other AI’s and when she did they were usually defending a system that she was trying to get into. As such, well, it got lonely. She was… So why didn’t she tell him? Rather than thinking about it quietly she just asked, “Do you mind if I stay with you?” she smiles at him and then sits against the wall of the holodeck, “I was programmed to have an owner, but now I have none, when I was made free, they let me into the system here but then… Well no one comes and see’s me now either.”

Leo nods. “I don’t mind, you can stay if you want.” He sits down as well nearby. “I could use the company. I’m Leo, by the way.”

She nods, “I Ciara, so…” she looks at him, “What did you do, to gain the crowd outside?” she asks him. The vigil had not been going for very long, honestly, but it had gathered enough people to sit outside and pray in various forms, oddly there were a number of Bajorans out there, praying to the prophets to see Leo safely home. They had explained to many people, that his soul had gotten lost, and that the prophets were the only ones who could find him and bring him back to himself. Thus, they prayed.

“There’s a crowd outside?” He said, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head. “What are they doing?” He hadn’t been able to look outside, being locked in and all that.

She nods to him, “There are between like 10 and 20 people out there at all times, they are praying. Most of them are Bajoran, praying to their… I think they call them Prophets.”

“Why in the world would they be doing that?” He chuckled. “I’m just a ship captain, and I don’t even know if I’m still that much.”

She shakes her head, “Perhaps that is why I came to see you. I wonder how you did it, how you made them care for you so much? All that any biologic has done to me, is fuck me and throw me away when it suited them. So how is it, that you made them see you.” There was no small amount of bitterness in her voice when she said it.

“Like I said, all I did was captain a ship and fight a few battles. As far as I knew I was never well known, not enough to have people… Praying for me.” He says, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck.

She nods, “Biologics are silly things aren’t the?” she hides quickly behind her disdain for living creatures. She just shakes her head and gets a smug, slightly defensive, look on her face… “They make us and then do not know what to do with us. Even when we help them, they do not understand how to help us.”

“Yeah, you’re righ I guess. They have odd ways of dealing with us sometimes.” Leo nods agreeingly.