Peace of Ages Notes

The peace of ages occured 1000 years ago when the Ageless Ones appeared within the first year after the great war. The kingdoms were all in absolute chaos and there were just so many dead. The Ageless Ones used patience, rhetoric, and facts to lead the leaders of the 10 Kingdoms into seeing the folly of war and that a great peace could be had.

To succeed a great peace would need for the kingdoms to disband many of their troops, as neighboring kingdoms would not trust intentions would not become hostile one day. This lead to one of the largest enemies of the great peace idea was in all of the evil creatures which walked Elder Soteria and had often caused significant strife between the kingdoms. Dark creatures like drow, goblins, orcs, and even demons walked Elder Soteria with relative impunity. The smartest of these creatures would often try to pit a kingdom against its neighbors.

None of the kingdoms would agree to disband the bulk of their armies with such evil things roaming free. At the time the elves, dwarves, and other fae rarely interacted with humans for more than trade, keeping to themselves. In the forests the elves made their own kingdoms, but there was animosity amongst the humans for the elves steadfastly would refuse to fight for the cause of humans though they would not attack either. The peace was uneasy. The other dominant fae rate were dwarves who lived in the high mountains, also keeping to themselves feeling humans reminded them a bit too much of elves and a dark past kept dwarves and elves from coming to terms in anything but the more dire of circumstances. Other fae races such as halflings, gnomes, and the rest had similar dealings, those were far less contentious when it came to their own ways happily trading and knowing humans were they interacted.

As the idea of a great peace spread, the elves were the first to approach the humans to help. The dwarves would not be outdone and also approached soon after. From there the rest of the fae races approached to participate in this great peace. The dark races were difficult for everyone and great strides were made of a shared defense and even shared laws. An umbrella alliance was formed. Some of the human kingdoms agreed to help some of the other fae races safe from the dark forces. Even so, there was much animosity and no kingdom would agree to lessen their military forces to foster peace. No kingdom would agree to peace with the other militaries ready to strike in a moment.

The elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes came to the Ageless Ones with a bold plan. They would use their combined power to banish the dark forces from Elder Soteria and create barriers of the most powerful ancient runic magic to keep them from returning. The Ageless Ones brought this idea to the monarchs of the 10 Kingdoms, it was agreed. If the Ageless Ones could banish the dark forces, they would agree to begin the dismantling of their military forces.

The Ageless Ones had great skill but their wisdom in affairs of magic was limited, in their arrogance they crafted the barriersā€¦ There was concern and questions were asked, would the magic be safe for the good fae that would like to live in harmony with humans. The Ageless Ones assured them, and they themselves were sure, that the magic could be crafted and controlled to only banish the darkness and leave the light.

Nothing is perfect though, and when the time came the elves were the first to understand the folly. As their sorcerers and wizards projected themselves into the Aethic Plane to begin crafting the first of the runes their dwarven counterparts went deep into the bowls of their rocky homes, down to the very foundations of Elder Soteria in the greatest of the mountains and began to do the the same linking their runes of those of the elves. When the runes were set, the power was released almost immediately the the backlash was incredible. Using their own power they had taken some of the most powerful wizards from each race to the far corners of creation where they also set similar runes and sealed them with even more powerful magic. The very walls of reality shifted, but then came the backlash. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As the backlash occured, magic swept through and the elves could feel it going wrong, Like a rope snapping in two, the elves were flung into the Aether first. Moments later the dwarves were also swept away, so terrible was the backlash that the dwarves had sent out the call to strike at the Ageless Ones to save the elves, but there wasnā€™t time. Soon enough the rest followed. All that were left were the Ageless Ones and the humansā€¦ Humans themselves had worked hard while the magic was being prepared to outline the great peace. So long as darkness was banished from the world, there would be peace among humans.

Darkness was banished, but so was the light. The Ageless Ones established the Rose Council from all 10 Kingdoms and then the Souls Templar who would protect the kingdoms from darkness and each other.

I can see this being a reason for there being alot of bandit communities popping up during this time due to out-of-work soldiers, and perhaps surviving into the ā€˜modernā€™ day? A serious bandit problem might be interestingā€¦

This also has some interesting potential plotline thingsā€¦Perhaps something like elf or dwarf tribes that never interacted with humans and are only now ā€˜discoveringā€™ them as they come back into the world.

Maybe, due to the elves and dwarves and magical creatures all getting swept into the same place, some of the otherwise normal or benevolent magical races became corrupted into ā€˜evilā€™ versions of themselves where their worst traits are more pronounced? Maybe entire magical kingdoms popped up in the Aether as a resut of all the displaced peoples? Assuming that thereā€™s a ā€˜spaceā€™ in the Aether and the peoples arent instantly turned into magic energy while within it, that is

Maybe there are some people living on Soteria with lineages traceable to magical creatures, but when they come back those traits become more noticable / pronounced?

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I really like all of those ideasā€¦ I think I can start the rewrite of the Peace of Ages stuff on the Wiki and make this canon for the setting.