Participation Awards for August 2018

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Another month has passed and again we come to awarding those who have kept the creative light burning. In August we saw a good increase in our third-party plots being run by others when we opened up our Wordpress site to be used by anyone. In that we'd like to give special thanks to Tim, Liz, KS, and Bucket who all kept everyone up to date on what's going on currently -- thank you.

As a sad note, one of our long-time players have left the game. School has started for many of us (myself included) and as such it has become increasingly difficult to find time for many to role play. That makes this list especially heart-felt from myself in particular, since it shows people who continue to participate and keep the server alive. Our fellow player, writer, and friend t0l has left the game, however, and while he has said that he will be back some day we all know that things don't always go as planned. His character Tal Ravis was not only central to many of the plots that took place but was also a refreshing take on a soldier with a gritty realism that highlighted the talent and skill of his player in bringing the character to life. T0l had the unique ability to write both long-form of several paragraphs even several pages in a sitting and short-form keeping things brief and to the point, to suit the role play situation he found himself in. I hope that we get the opportunity to read his writing again.

Forum Participation

On the forum, counting by number of replies posted over the last month we have the following:

We thank them for their help in keeping things moving!

Wiki Participation

The Wiki site is really one of the biggest assets of our entire game. It stores all of our in-game information and really makes it a lot more accessible for everyone to play in. The participation scores for our Wiki users are:

  • Darktrooper501
  • T0l
  • Dr. Winterdawn

Now, sadly t0l has left the server and as such we cannot really award points to him, but a hearty thank-you goes out to him none-the-less for his extensive contributions to the Wiki and the game as a whole. Since staff is not counted when giving out these awards, the 30-day list doesn't have enough listed for Wiki participation to replace t0l, but since we can't award him I'll look into the top contributors of all time, which shows us that Ryu ketsueki (formerly Lilac) receives recognition for his contributions to the sum of knowledge stored for our game.

Plot Awards

As usual we are also awarding special points for running plots. Bucket deserves a lot of points for his multiple parts taken in multiple plot lines. He played the majority of the roles in a lot of the recent plots, especially that involving the Operation Gray Angel and the corresponding Operation Succubus, playing both sides of the fence effectively well. For this he gets an addition 1000 points. Tim is also awarded with 500 points for his continued help in pushing along our political pressure / racial tensions arc. Along those same lines, Liz gains also an additional 500 points for his creation of the entirely new character and broadcast, he did an absolutely superb job with it!

Final Awards

  • Imperatoris Lacerta#8924
    • 1000 each for both the Forum and the Wiki
    • 500 for Plot Awards
  • Buckethead#3038
    • 750 for participation on the Forum
    • 1000 for Plot Awards
  • Left4Cake#6713
    • 500 for participation on the Forum
  • Dr. Winterdawn#8966
    • 750 for participation on the Wiki
  • HaruyamaX5#0002
    • 500 for participation on the Wiki (see note above)
  • timot1066#8017
    • 500 for Plot Awards

New Top 10

So here are the new score tallies after awarding points. This will also be the final entry which lists t0l as a member.

User Score
Imperatoris Lacerta 311682
Uther Tibbs 249093
Red the 15th 243671
ks 167603
t0l 158699
The Chubby Gamer, Sloth Boi 155986
Buckethead 110151
Dr. Winterdawn 109135
πŸƒπŸ’ŽMinty JadeπŸ’ŽπŸƒ 98184
JumpingScript 87965

Thanks again to all of our players for keeping the server alive.

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