Overhauling Political Pressure Arc - Public Brainstorm

We’ve revisited this so many times I’m seriously considering just cancelling the plot and putting it to bed. Dealing with the subplots as independent entities and moving on. I’ve never been good about pursuing the small RP’s about this, which I think are needed for a good plot. My availability also isn’t the best.

How might be overhaul this to actually be able to get some plots going?

We’ve got the racism thing but… Well I think that might be a bit too close to home given the current world, similar to why we’re not doing COVID-19 in Angelic Sins. We’ve got the anti-military idea, an anti-military movement and Onyx messing with alliances. I don’t know though, I’d really like to hear other options from people or at least some thoughts.

If there’s nothing I think I might drop this plot, we’ve got a lot of stuff I’m working on anyway.

Well, this tied in a lot with how the Imperials were slowly undermining ST but at this point I gave up. The baddies have ST and Starfleet uniforms anyways, they can just do their attack thing and break up the Serenity Concord that way.

I don’t mind continuing with it, but the Political Pressure Arc is just supposed to be huge. Thus if it has little support for being huge, we can scale it back and still do your plot with the uniforms, which is a good plot.

I’m still really not sure how to reorganize this.

This is just too big the way it is, so I’m going to reorganize it and start fresh. We won’t remove anything that has already happened but for things moving forward, I think I’d like to focus on the stolen uniforms and a false flag operation on the part of Enus and his gang. How do you feel about that @Buckethead?

Starting a new tag Onyx False Flag moving forward. Will post a new RFC momentarily.

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