Out, out, brief candle! / The Final Hail Mary (Open Ended)

As soon as power was reestablished Tex checked to see what sort of files were on the control room consoles. He was looking for any video files to see what exactly happened so that the station would be abandoned.

“roger.” Xosh says as him and his team continue walking.

“anyone else see all the tools laying around in piles?” Samantha, the team’s ranger comments

“ya… it’s like everyone and their cloths just up and vanished, not even piles of ash left behind, or just dropped everything and ran” Darious responds to her. Both comments can be heard over comms, but appears to be simple tactical communications.

“Whatever it is, stay sharp and stay alert. Darious, Faith. Once we get tho the power station, both of you need to work together to get everything up and running. Samantha and I will cover you.” Xosh responds quietly to the others before communicating back to Jane: “I’m guessing we’re accepting a policy of shoot first, ask questions later…? All of this feels off… very… very off…”

When Jane accesses the power systems of the station, she can find that this station is powered by ZPM’s, 3 of them. They are entirely depleted. They are floating in an ocean, tethering to a geothermal power station that also seems to be extracting deuterium and water from the ocean itself in small quantities. The station does have fusion reactors but none are active, though none appear to be disabled. When she looks farther into the system, she can see that the station’s reactors were shut down due to a lack of fuel about 82 years ago. That doesn’t explain how the ZPMs were depleted though, it does show that approximately 127 years prior the ZPMs failed due to reaching maximum entropy. There is no evidence of who activated the Stargate or sent the morse code messages. It is then that Jane notices, one of the objects near the console is the pocket watch of a temporal operative, next to other standard equipment.

Power controls show that indeed emergency lighting has been activated throughout the station and that there is sufficient fuel to restart the stations fusion reactors. The geothermal station on the ocean floor is also activated – this is a facility that does not exist for their Nimbus. It appears the geothermal power is active, tracing the power feed shows that the energy reservoir on the ocean floor facility was depleted to dial the gate, and is currently recharging.

Tex can just basically explore the file tree easily enough. He finds something interesting, a message embedded in the console, it is only text saying:

I don't know if this is going to work. If living eyes read this, it has though. I don't have much longer. Life was more fragile than we thought, it didn't take much. They came from another reality, the only thi-

The message abruptly stops. This file was saved but never closed.

Squad 7 gets lighting on in a few moments, flickering to life. Even with that, it’s still pretty creepy when they realize that several implants are on the floor, the kind you get when a leg won’t heal properly and has to have hardware put in to keep it together. It’s a eerie sort of feeling realizing those bits belong in a person, but there’s no body.

It is so quet, all they can hear is the soft hum of the emergency lights and their own breathing, not even the ventilation system is humming loud enough to break the silence.

Noticing the watch Jane picked it up, and open the cover, reading inscription then nodded to herself
“Temporal Operatives, That would explain signal where it mentioned protecting the timeline. Let’s hope they are still alive”
Putting watch in one of her utility vest pockets she returned to systems display
“ZPMs failed, this is first time i heard about such occurrence, geothermal power is recharging, I don’t recall seeing that on nimbus so i think it’s safe to assume this is future, we can restart main fusion reactors that’s actually great!”

Jane started typing command to start stations fusion reactors, but paused before confirming and oppened channel to squad 7
“Jane to squad 7, stand by attempting to remotely start reactors since we got access here.”
She them confirmed reactor start command watching closely to stop startup if something will go wrong

The reactors start without problem, the stations deuterium supply is fair, not great though. Should be enough for them in any case. Squad 7 sees… Well… Nothing, nothing going on, so much nothing going on that it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. That feelings when things are so not right that your instincts tell your body there must be immediate danger – being in the words and hearing all the birds stop chirping kind of thing.

The stations COM system comes back online and everyone’s communicators note that they’ve been connected to the internal COM system (as they would). Sensors come back shortly after and show, there are no life signs but theirs. None. No temporal signatures, no signs of sentient life anywhere. There are plans of course, some small animals (if they choose to look, that wouldn’t be on the default scan, but if they choose they can see a small population of cars, dogs, and similar but nothing dangerous or spectacular. Looks like there are a few groupings near nature areas on the station with easy access to the outside – again this would not be the default).

Faith has been pretty quiet but she leads the team through the station to where the ZPM’s are located. It is exactly as Jane described, the ZPMs are dead, there are several active consoles now that power has been restored. Faith looks at Xosh, “I think our access codes should work.”

Tex has more access to the system once power comes back online, so he has but to look somewhere and will get information.

Xosh nods to Faith before jumping onto the Comm system: “Found the ZPMs, all of them are dead, but there’s a few consoles that we’re going to check out. We’ll report anything we find”

Xosh heads over to one of the consoles and begins attempting to get access using his access code.

“this place is empty… only we are here from what sensors tell”

she stared at screen then pressed few buttons trying to bring up security and medical logs if any are present and check for anything suspicious in last entries, something that would explain what happened. something didnt felt right, she also tried to find if theres any CCTV footage from control room just before gate dialled out or from anywhere on station from before everyone dissapeared

Tex quickly saves the file onto the console and his own memory to ensure they have something to give them an insight into what happened. He then calls out to Jane.

“Commander I appear to have found a clue to the disappearance of the station personnel. Take a look at this text file left on the console.”

As he calls out and keeps the file on the forefront, in the background he was checking date of creation and which user created the text file.

Squad 7’s authentication codes work – but it is different… When Xosh accesses the console he would quickly notice that he has Level 7 clearance attached to his command codes indicating the rank of Vice Admiral or higher. The system gives him full access to all systems. Though this station has library computer access it is currently configured to provide mostly engineering and related information. Power consumption logs show a steady power bleed off for a very long time, which is unusual under normal operations there would be many fluctuations in how much power was used. The logs seem to indicate that the station was using the exact same amount of power for a very, very long time.

Jane finds footage of the gate being activated… It is peculiar, it shows the control room is unmanned at the time but the consoles come to life, she is able to get the computer logs and they show an exceedingly complex calculation has been performed to open the gate to a specific reality at a specific time and place. The calculation alone would take an incredible amount of time given the complexity of the command arguments.

Tex is able to find out the entry was created on December 9th, 2377 and was made by a Lt. Commander Rennyn Marcus Confoscho-Thomas. His personnel file is available but Tex is asked to enter his access codes.

Jane walked up to Tex and looked at console reading message
“They came from another reality… This doesn’t sound good.”
Tapping her comlink she opened channel to squad 7
“Be advised, we aquired additional intel from system. According to message in system unknown force arrived from another reality, in addition internal sensors don’t show any life signs apart from our team, seems we are alone… assuming sensors can detect those beings. Be careful.”

closing channel she looked at Tex
“I have bad feeling about this. We aren’t here by accident. Look at this”
Sbe brought both gate log and camera feed from dialing
“Someone opened wormhole specifically to us”

She ran check over calculations to check if they can be used to open gate back home in case they’ll need to evacuate, and if not how much time system would need to calculate coordinates

“Confirmed, we will use the upmost care. We came up with something on our end, our codes worked… the computer system is reporting a strange anomolie in the power readings… apparently there’s been a steady drain of power for quite some time, which from what I understand is not normal under normal operations, we’ll send the data to you for analisis.” Xosh responds while the others take up possitions securing the room. Xosh sends the data about the engineering and power readings to Jane and begins searching the database for additional information on anything else that could be found, keeping the rather high ranking clearance thing to himself, as it is not important at the presant time.

When Xosh looks for more information he finds a reference to Anomaly 41904, some unknown kind of energy was detected, lots of them, thousands in fact. They appeared all over the station but didn’t seem to impact power systems at all, not even a drain. These anomalous readings are available and show a highly cohesive and incredibly complex energy pattern, the computer has no match in its records and it has been flagged for review. The log indicates that it was detected and set off the stations automatic defense systems. This terminal primarily has data relating to the power systems but he can look into other systems if Xosh wants to. Faith looks and says, “This anomaly was detected … over 100 years ago,” she looks at Xosh, “The system flagged a massive anomaly and…” She covers her mouth, “Xosh no one was here to look at it, for over 100 years. This station has been empty for 100 years.”

She then says, “HAL, scan the log files, when was the last biological life sign detected on this station?” That command was normally produce a quick response, but it doesn’t. Nothing is produced. There is just silence, which is unusual and slightly chilling. HAL was kind of omnipresent, everyone knew the basics of how to use the AI.

For Tex and Jane there was only the very soft hum of the life support systems and other things that was always lurking in the background on the station. With the station now minimally powered, they had a number of options within the station and outside.

Tex nods and enters his access codes to try and gleam more information about Rennyn. He needed some history of what happened to start to get a clearer idea.
“Circumstances do point to a ploy to lure an exploration party to this place. Now that we are here we need to establish motive and capacity. As impressive as this anomaly seems to be it does seem to have limits.”

The information presents a person who looks remarkably like both Drem and Lance and is clearly their child. His service file says that he was born on Blazing Umbra Station but there are oddities in comparison with their own universe. According to this he was born on Blazing Umbra Station long before Drem had made her first dramatic return to the timeline – it lists his birthdate which would put him in his late 20’s by the time the message was sent, which means a great many things happened here long before they did where the exploration team is from. Information lists him as a Temporal Operative. Odd thing here is also Tex’s codes give him more access than he should have. The database allows him to access information as if he himself is an Operative. Stranger still is that it lists Tex working with Rennyn on some kind of military operation taking place in 2201, which is strange for a number of reasons but not the least of which the brief information available here indicates it was a combat operation, which should never happen in the past.

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Xosh nods as he thinks over this strange anomaly, he had a few thoughts going through his mind about it but he didn’t dare voice it, not until he knew for sure. He begins working on the system, his fingers quickly moving on the controls, to get access to any security footage, or even any information on what the automated defense system started targeting after activation. During this, all he could tell is team was, “Weapons hot!” as he did his research, the last thing he needed was to be caught off guard by some wild defense systems and get him and everyone now on the station turned to dust.

The automated defense systems of the station clearly indicate that the computer interpreted the anomalies forming as life forms, as hostile. The defenses did for fire at anything as they could not obtain a positive target lock. The station was put on immediate Condition 6 by the computer, sensors registered that the energy was incredibly disruptive but more information on that is unavailable. The defense logs are mainly focused on what was targeted, why, and if weapons were fired. Once the anomalies disappeared the defense systems went into standby mode, which is the mode they were in when the system was shut down due to lack of power.

Xosh is unable to bring the entire defense system online, there is not enough power for that, but he is able to activate the early warning system – the same system to activated the defense system in the first place.

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“Why lure specifically us though, and that anomaly” she paused “we need to get to research lab, there might be more information there. Even if only notes scribled somewhere” She loocked at watch to check how much time they have before needing to report in, while at same time running querry on system looking for anything related to if there was reason their reality/universe was Targeted, search included also all logs she could acess