Out, out, brief candle! / The Final Hail Mary (Open Ended)

It is the year 2485, exactly 100 years have passed now… Of that time what has happened? Nothing. Something has gone very, very wrong. No signals crisscrossing the night, no people, nothing. There was nothing. Old structures, falling into decay. Ships drifting in space, stations orbiting quiet where nothing ever occurs except for the slow meandering of geological events. Out of nowhere, something seems to happen though, at what is left of a once heavily defended star system that was teeming with life. Sitting upon a pedestal in a dimly lit room, a Type 3 Stargate begins to activate. The consoles nearby to control it are empty, but somehow the system has become active, the dialing computer is fed a signal and locks on. The chevrons take a while to build up the required charged, for this is no ordinary wormhole. No, the wormhole reaches out and crossed the divide and connects… The wormhole opens, the puddle sits tranquil.

Nimbus Station, circa 2385, the gate in the control / gate room opens up without warning. The force field is raised and they wait… They wait… Someone notices that the gate is drawing power from the city’s reactors to keep open, and a signal comes through…

A simple radio audio signal comes through first It is carried on a frequency of 3.85 Mhz the audio repeats for 5 minutes:

After that audio stops, this signal is heard for another 5 minutes:

The second message ceases and a third message begins, it is much longer and repeats for about 5 minutes as well:

Finally, another message begins and repeats for 15 minutes:

The wormhole has 8 minutes left before physics say it should close. By now, a crowd of people have gathered, some are itching to go, some are preparing to go, some people know what the signals say just upon hearing them… Someone is calling for help, someone is calling from help from Solas Tempus.

For those who want to decode this, no I don’t expect people to know morse code (that’s what this is), use this Morse Code Audio Decoder to decode it, it works really well, if you want. This is open ended, anyone who wants to go through the wormhole will end up on the other side, the gate will stay open for about 8 more minutes or so giving players time to go through.

As soon as the broadcast is in the airwaves Tex was decoding it and making his way towards the stargate. He didn’t hurry he just calmly walked over to the now meeting ground to inspect the stargate and see if he could squeeze through or if he required a smaller vessel to do that.

Jane O’brien after hearing morse code started noting signals on her notepad. Decoding them she instantly started getting ready. She checked her equipment. Vest, P90, small phaser required by regulations and beretta. She walked through crowd to control room then looked at panel to see how gate status look. mumbling to herself silently
“8 minutes… not a lot of time. althrough it would be better if we could send probe and check if there is no suprises on other side we dont have time for that”

After looking over status She walked toward meeting ground as well nodding to Tex. While checking her equipment again. including pulling out mag and tapping it gently on let to get any possible dust or dirt away.

The duty officer comes down, “Alright, we’re going to send a jumper through the gate.” he looks at Tex and Jane, nods, “Stand clear.” and then the door above opens, sending the jumper down, it opens the rear door… “Load up, we’re also going to send you over with additional supplies.” They can see that indeed the jumper is loaded with numerous crates and someone carries in a crate marked with a radiation symbol, “Just in case, we’re sending you with a fusion reactor, should be able to trigger the gate to dial, and an interface computer in case the gate on the other side doesn’t have one.”

Anyone else?

Morse Code had become very useful to Flask, it was what literally allowed him to understand any text on his communicator/PADD, as he had some custom doohickeys built into them to allow this. When he hears the code signals, he stays where he is and gets to decoding them himself. It took him a little while to translate it all, and by the time to got to the crowd, in his Solas Tempus uniform, and informing his higher-ups on the Drakon of his volunteering, the loading of the jumper had just begun. He asks one of the guards where the “curator of this operation” as he put it, was, as he had missed the duty officer’s announcement

The people were gathered, the duty officer repeats what he’s said to Flask, “Alright, Ms. O’ Brien, the OK just came back from Vice Admiral Vermilion, this is officially a rescue mission, given your background with the Stargates and off-world travel, you’re in command. Your objective is to make contact with the message senders, assess the threat, the people, and the situation. We’ve not been able to get a positive fix on the origin of the wormhole, it is probable that you’re be time-travelling but you also could be going between realities. Try to contact us back within 24 hours, we will try to contact you at the 30 hour mark if you haven’t contacted us – assuming we can get a fix. Set up the beacon near the gate, this has its own power source and signal booster. You are not to engage in combat unless it is to defend yourselves or if there is no other option, understand?”

“Understood. hopefully this will go smooth.”
She turned to Flask and Tex
“allright, lets get into jumper and head off. Gate wont stay open for much longer” she said then walked up rear ramp inside taking sit at pilots position

Tex nods and grabs his phaser before entering the jumper. He was able to fit this time since his new body was built to be smaller and lighter than before. “affirmative, boarding the vessel.”

Squad 7, one of the TACCOM squads made it’s approach, wearing their Arch-Angel suits, with the TACCOM logo on the shoulder, their Leader Xoshkic, the large quadrapedal Chryssalid, was in the front, their helmets were off, making their heads visible, they walked towards the jumper, ready to board but first Xoshkic spoke up, addressing Jane O’brien. “Squad 7, reporting for duty.” The rest of his team stood nearby, weapons attached to their armor, but were waiting to board, or whatever was ordered.

Squad 7 is ushered into the jumper, including Faith, whom the duty officer was confused as to her presence. However, since Xosh was in command of the squad the duty officer had little of any substance to do about it. It didn’t take long before the group, including the undead Flask, was in the loaded Jumper and it was propelled through the gate.

Travel through the Stargate was normally a rush but this was different. It took significantly longer to get to the other side of the wormhole. Once it did arrive, everyone who could, would likely have a bit of the shakes – nothing horrible, nothing that would cause real problems, but it was a bit of a rough ride going through the wormhole.

Once on the other side, the group are treated to something distinctly strange. It looked like Nimbus, except dirty with dust and dirt; and no lights anywhere. The room was incredibly dark, a shaft of light coming in from above indicated that the overhead hatches leading to the jumper bay and the outside above that from the top of the tower were open. The external lights came on from the Jumper automatically, showing them the room much as it should have been except, empty. Some things were on the ground but it was hard to tell what they were. No bodies were visible, nor any sign anyone had been there in a very long time.

The wormhole closes behind them.

I hope no one minds me jumping ahead a little bit.

Jane would put jumper down in front of gate, leaving some space for kawoosh if it get activated. She considered securing gateroom a priority as it allowed acess to all major systems such as enverionemnt and power. Or at least it should assuming Solas Tempus didnt change that for additional security to other location. Additionally checking state of sickbay would be important in case they need to use medical equipment and cant Dial out to their nimbus
After puddle jumper landed and ramp lowered she turned to everyone inside while turning on jumper lights

“Allright. Squad 7 i want you to secure power stations then sickbay, we dont know if we wont need equipment there for survivors we find, Flask, Tex setup the beacon and check out jumper bay, its one of few direct acess locations to here and largest at that. I’ll check control room and see if i can get internal sensors and lights up. Remember Rules of Engagement, fire only in self defence or if there is no other option.”

“Affirmative.” Tex moves with robotic efficiency to set up the beacon provided for them. Considering he has the instructions hard wired into his memory it seemed most efficient to set it up by himself. “Flask please monitor the area while i set up the beacon.”

“Aye aye.” Xosh says as he and his team exit the craft and head out towards the sickbay first to set up a place to opperate from before moving to their next objective.

The sickbay was easily accessed, well, the city was large enough that there were hospitals and treatment centers all over the place, but this central location served as both hub and the main military medical facility. It was where the best doctors and equipment was though it didn’t strictly operate on only military personnel.

The first thing to notice as Squad 7 moved was the lack of even footprints. This was especially odd considering the size of the place and the level of dust on the ground. This place was abandoned yet it was in impeccable condition. They didn’t notice any movement at all; not even droids. It was quiet, and dark. Too dark, the place took on an eerie look when it was this dark and this quiet. Not even the hum of machinery could be heard. They passed by open windows and such, sounds of the ocean were present, even birds, but no people.

In the control room, Tex finds it easy enough to connect the equipment while Jane heads up the stairs to the control room. All the consoles are dead, no power, so it was impossible to find anything out at all except for the fact that all power was offline. They had power generation capabilities, but not enough for the entire station. Perhaps enough for the control room or the tower itself.

Jane stepped down stairs to jumper and walked over to jumper, letting her P90 hang on chest strap attached to utility vest
-Tex, can you help me set reactor? i want to get some power to control room so we can dial out to report later, and we might get some insight into what happened if we can get to the logs

She looked at wrist watch to check hour to check hour, to know when they should attempt to establish contact

Tex nods “understood commander” he grabs his phaser rifle from its magnetic holster in his back and starts over to the reactor to scan it and see what was wrong and how to start it up.

Xosh taps on his communicator, “Squad 7 reporting, We have accessed the sickbay, and secured it’s location. There is something odd though, there’s no signs of activity of any sort, but everything is in perfect condition. Something doesn’t seem right out here, we will have two members of the squad ensure the sickbay is secured while the rest move to the power stations. Advise keeping weapons at the ready, and stay alert”

He closes the report and leads his team, minus Jax and Zack, to the power stations to restore power, their weapons out and ready to take down anything hostile, as they do so, they also clear rooms along their route and search for survivors.

The strangest thing was the equipment laying around. It was standard Solas Tempus gear, multi-tool, flash light, etc, etc, etc, the same stuff every Solas Tempus person had on them when on duty – except for a few who were in jobs that precluded having them. These things were all over the floors in little clusters of objects. Oddity #2 was… there were no clothes of fabrics with them, like someone dropped them and walked off? Weird… Just goddamned weird.

Meanwhile in the control room, the power system was easy enough to hotwire, there were slight differences in how the system connections were labeled on this station but it was easy enough to figure out. The fusion reactor powered up, and the control room surfaces lit up. Emergency lights in the room came on soon after.

After hearing squad 7 report jane nodded climbing stairs back up to command room then run diagnostic on gate, plugging in her padd to system she brought up most recent security log on small display to avoid turning on 2nd console, it’s better to have spare power generated by reactor standing by for emergency. She also checked if there is any indication why gate dialed out also making sure emergency lighting is on on squad 7 way to power station.

“Copy squad 7, we rigged up fusion reactor to get some power to system, you should have emergency lighting soon if systems hold up”

As soon as power was reestablished Tex checked to see what sort of files were on the control room consoles. He was looking for any video files to see what exactly happened so that the station would be abandoned.