Operation Flintlock - Recon Mission 1

Admirals Thomas and D’Amico called Crystal Favor into the conference room on Nimbus Station. It was late in the evening, they had been in conference with other leaders of Solas Tempus and the Concord all that week… Now it was time for action. They did not send a preamble except that Crystal should have her ship prepared to depart as soon as she returns from this meeting.

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Crystal let Tiffany make the final preparations while she went to the meeting, she did her hair up and had ironed her uniform, then walked inside the conference room where the meeting was being held. She had left Spyro on the ship while she was at the meeting, she definitely looked the part of having a strict military background. She stood at attention in the doorway. “Commander Crystal Favor Reporting for duty Admirals” She says, waiting for their response and to be put at ease… some habbits of hers did seem harder to break than others.

Lance nods, “At ease Commander, we have an important mission from you. The Romulan Star Empire has asked us to assist in the evacuation of their world.” He gestures for her to take a seat as both he and D’Amico also take seats. The room lights dim and a hologram appears. “We are massing a fleet of starships here,” a dot appears, “Here in the Talva Bantutlis System. It’s an out of the way system well of the trade routes, the 5th planet is rich in Deuterium, about 12 days from here. We want you to make your way to that system and then move out along our planned route to Romulus. We don’t have enough ships capable of Dimensional Fold to use the drive, and will have to rely on conventional Warp Drive, this will make us vulnerable to attack. The Romulans have not made our involvement secret and there are some groups within the Empire that would very much like to see us fail in this. We need you to scout ahead, look for potential navigational or the hazards, and report back.”

Crystal looks over the route and saves it to memory, nodding. “Should we be anticipating any trouble along the way as the route is scouted? I wouldn’t be surprised if they set up traps and ways of stopping any scouting parties from fully navigating the route, especially of the Romulan Empire didn’t hide our involvement.”

“Intelligence reports are unclear,” Sal begins, “For a while now we’ve been tacking what could be a movement within the government, particularly unhappy with the Serenity Concord and Solas Tempus in particular, although we don’t know why. Official Romulan channels have not uncovered any evidence that any military units would attempt to stop it, the idea is laughable to most as they badly need evacuation assistance.”

Lance picks it up after that, “In short, we aren’t sure, so be ready. Do not directly engage hostiles unless you have no choice, report positions and strength so we can change the route.”

Crystal listens to them and nods, “understood Sirs” She says, remaining in her seat till dismissed or any other information is given reguarding the mission, she prepared to share the beiefing with Commander Quinn her first officer, once she collected everything needed.

“If there’s nothing further, depart as soon as you are ready.” Lance says looking at Crystal.

Crystal shakes her head, “no sir, I don’t think I have any other questions, thank you sir” She waits to be dismissed, possibly not reading that it was a dismissal.

He nods, “Dismissed!”

When Crystal leaves, she can make her way easily enough to her ship. Assuming she’s going there, there is a transporter room not far away. As she walks details orders are uploaded into her files. She gets a call from Tiffany, “Captain, I’ve received our orders, I can have us ready to fold in minutes.”

Crystal would leave and head for the transporter room when Tiffany send her the message she says,“very good. Make sure all stations are ready , I don’t want to be caught unpreoared for a fight”

The ship is easy enough to prepare. As soon as Crystal is aboard Tiffany orders the ship to fold, heading for the Talva Bantutlis system. It’s going to take time to get there… After departure, Tiffany touches the panel besides the door to Crystal’s ready room from the main bridge. The chime sounds inside the ready room.

“Come on in” Crystal says leaning back in her chair, petting her dragon and looking out the window when Tiffany enters, she was already running tactical simulations.

Tiffany heads in, the door swishing efficiently open and then shut again. She looks at Crystal, “All ships systems are ready. We are on Yellow Alert.”

“Good, thank you” Crystal says, turning around, and setting her dragon on her desk, which looked a little upset to be moved. “Guess we are as ready as we can be for now”

Tiffany considers then asks, “What are we supposed to be ready for, Captain?”

Crystal smiles, “hopefully nothing, but I’m anticipating during our little scouting mission, we may be engaged by hostile forces, as we scout this route, hopefully not and hopefully they don’t know we’re here… but I’d say our chances for an engagement are… at this point 50% though the further we go along that path that change I anticipate will increase.” She pauses, “I guess what I’m saying is we are supposed to be prepared for a hostile confrontation at some point during this mission.”

Tiffany nods, "We’ll be ready, should arrive at our destination in a little over a day at maximum Fold.

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Crystal nods. “Good…” She pauses and looks at Tiffany “I desperately do not wish to lose another ship”

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The Phobos is able to get under way with no difficulty and can easily Fold… It takes a little over 5 days as their top speed with the DFD to get to the Talva Bantutlis Star System… When they come out of Folded Space they find a rather impressive armada of ships. Most of which are smaller cargo and transport vessels, though the STV Basilisk is there as well as other starships, a few Nebula Class, a few Ambassador class, several Constitution class. They get a hail upon arriving in the system, “This is Admiral Quinn of Solas Tempus, please transmit your identification codes.”

Crystal nods to her comm officer, “This is Commander Favor of the STV Phobos, we came on request of Admiral Thomas” She says briefly, providing a bit of information to explain her presence though not mentioning her mission directly at the moment.