Operation Flintlock Notes

Ambassador Spock, concerned that his desperate plan may not work to save Romulus from its impending Super Nova goes through diplomatic channels of the Romulan Star Empire and Vulcan government to ask for the assistance of Solas Tempus in evacuating Romulus after the failed attempts by Jean Luc Picard to raise a Federation fleet to do the same. There is little time, Solas Tempus agrees and begins to put together a team.


  • Logistics
    • Ships
    • Pilots
  • Fighting
    • Onyx
    • Tal Shiar


To pull this off Solas Tempus will need to amass an incredibly monumental fleet of ships to go to Romulus. For purposes of continuity, we will plan on there being not enough ships / not enough time.


Fleets of ships should find themselves meeting with opposition, both in the form of Onyx and perhaps an Onyx / Romulan alliance in the form of the Zhat Vash. To protect the convoy planning to run side-RP’s where an attack group is detected prior to hitting the convoy of transport ships. This allows for different RPs to be done asynchronously.

Main Convoy

The primary protection will come from the STV Scorpio Prophet under the command of Xoshkic Fable. The main convoy RP should be large enough for our purposes while the side-RPs keep the convoy from being overrun.

Support RPs

  • Tekkadan Boys (Red)
  • MFR (Bucket)
  • Epoch / New Hope (Bucket)

More to add for the support RPs.

Tekkadan Boys

Facing off with an Onyx battle group.



Epoch / New Hope

Facing off with a Romulan Tal Shiar group.

Updated with latest notes from our discussion, particularly ideas of Liz.