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So in this thread we discuss what to do about the canonical destruction of Romulus. Some good ideas were had, and some excellent points made by @ryu_ketsueki and @darktrooper501. Pushing forward into making this an actual plot line, I’m gong to open up with the fact that we have an amazing potential to involve a lot of characters here and do other mini-plots. We have a lot of characters that have starships in some way.

Ongoing notes are here.


Within canon the sequence of events which leads to the destruction of Romulus and the scattering of the Romulan people is roughly this main source for this is here:

  • Picard convincing Starfleet to build a rescue fleet of unprecedented size in 2385 using the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards orbiting Mars. They aim to build 10,000 warp capable ferries to rescue the inhabitants of Romulus before the supernova occurs.
  • On First Contact Day (April 5th) 2385 a synthetic lead terrorist assault occurs, the entire fleet is destroyed along with igniting the martian atmosphere and turning the satellite defense grid against the surface, killing 92,143 people.
  • Picard pushes for Starfleet to allow him to use old derelict vessels from vessels from Beta Antares Ship Yards and the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards but Starfleet refuses.
  • In 2387 Ambassador Spock devises a desperate plan to save Romulus using “Red Matter”, these events lead directly to the rebooted Star Trek movie in 2009. Spock ultimately fails and is too late to save Romulus.


In-game the year is now 2387. To maintain continuity we should say that Spock gets attacked prior to reaching Romulus and that Solas Tempus cannot prevent the supernova which kills so many Romulans and destroys their empire.

This makes logical sense, a Earth had (as of 2019) 7.674 billion people on it. Even with the Wormhole Drive of the STV Basilisk, it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of trips to evacuate an entire planet. I think I calculated somewhere along the lines of 3 million could fit on that ship at maximum capacity. Even with that incredibly high number, it would take at least 3 full trips to evacuate the entire planet. Loading that many people and unloading them will take time, a lot of time.


Our plot is going to start with the need for help, in line with us staying away from anyone playing major characters in the Star Trek Universe, we won’t have a scene where Spock asks for help. Instead, we’ll put that into the background.

The Brainstorming

Solas Tempus will need to build a team, what I’m wondering about first is; what obstacles are Solas Tempus / other forces going to face on their way to do this?

With just a cursory glance the biggest hurdle will be logistics. I’m not exactly sure how far Romulus is from the Serenity Concord but that has to be taken into factor. Aid will be hard to come by. Past that personnel shortage will also be a huge factor.

Doesn’t matter how many ships you pull out of mothball, beg, borrow and build. If there aren’t enough people to man the ships they might as well not exist. How that particular problem is solved will depend. Perhaps conscripting Romulans tho that might make ST seem weak or using AIs but with the recent mars attack it could be controversial.

Knowing the plot of the 1st season of Star Trek Picard, the idea behind the Mars attack still makes no sense to me. The story arc revolves around Romulans being afraid to allow AI to develop, a secret cabal of Tal Shiar (basically secret police / CIA) called Zhat Vash that opposed AI at all costs. To do this they instigated a massive (apparently) synthetic lead terrorist attack on Mars to force the Federation to ban research into synthetics. You can read more about that on Memory Alpha (link above).

For our purposes, none of that would come to light until 2399 or so, which is when Star Trek Picard takes place. I could be remembering incorrectly but the plot of Picard never fully explains why / how the Zhat Vash would be ok with destroying the only hope for Romulus to survive, since it is clear that they knew the Super Nova was coming for at least 2-3 years before it actually happens.

Knowing all of that, there are likely Romulans who would not approve of AI-lead ships rescuing their people. So, we could have the rescue ships meet with Zhat Vash / Tal Shiar opposition, even broader governmental opposition based on lies and deceit. This also ties in well with Onyx. I am seriously thinking of making Onyx an anti-AI organization as well. Possibly fueled by the same “admonition” (as they term it in Star Trek Picard) which created the Zhat Vash.

So we have three major hurdles to overcome…

  • Logistics: Enough Ships
  • Logistics: Enough Pilots
  • Opposition due to presence of AI / Synthetics in Solas Tempus

There’s a lot we can do with that, I am reminded of KISS or Keep it Simple Stupid.

Do we need more than those 3 major hurdles?

What roles are we going to need played? I think we at least will need someone to play the opposition fleets. That means possibly we can roll it all into one, an Onyx operative who is also in the Romulan Zhat Vash group?

@Dasfier I was thinking we could have Xosh lead a defensive group of ships to protect the convoy of relief vessels as it enters Romulan space. That would be a big enough deal to allow for the kind of notoriety required to promote him. Let me know what you think.

Could also involve Crystal as well, since she’s the tactical genius.

@ryu_ketsueki this could also be a good place to have Sarah or another one of your characters in a similar place. I’m thinking perhaps Sarah (or whoever you want) finds evidence of an attack group and heads them off before they reach the convoy.


I was reading the other posts and, some real concerns appeared regarding Solas Tempus, especially over the sentient AIs governing many of the systems. Then I remembered one of the accords signed by the romulans to allow Solas Tempus to operate in the neutral zone and the romulan territory, as long as it is of utmost importance. I don’t remember where I read this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

But where do I want to get with all this? Well, the existence of Solas Tempus is not a secret. Sure there are secret sections and operations like Vident Obscura but Solas Tempus, as organization, is a known fact, not a myth or rumor. The romulans would know about Solas Tempus in one way or another, either through the accords that allow Solas Tempus to operate in romulan territory, or through romulan intelligence, AKA spying.

This is important because we have several major sentient AIs taking care of everything. HAL, to name one. Because the Zhat Vash had this unique experience with the “admonition”, possibly even sharing with others in the same way that was done in PIC, it’s not unlikely that Solas Tempus could have been a target as well. The thing is, the AIs on Solas Tempus could have been much more well shielded against whatever happened in Utopia Planitia but the attempts could have been found early on, with specific people noticing those attempts at making on board AI turning against the personnel in… let’s say… Galantine. Could be another flagship of Solas Tempus fleet, I’m only naming the first that comes to my mind. It’s not surprising that the Zhat Vash would go great lengths to ensure the death of all sentient AI. See how the romulan fleet was willing to go to war against the Federation only to put an end to the synths on Coppelius. It was either die succeding or die trying.

This attempt results in a warrant for investigation. So, at the same time they could try helping the romulans to evacuate, they would need to keep a level of security to prevent things like that from happening, because literally anyone could be a member of the Zhat Vash or instructed by them to destroy all AI. Maybe this first attempt at sabotaging the AI on Solas Tempus is what Sarah or Aiana could notice and then she brings the matter to Lance or Sal, really anyone who is a flag officer so they don’t need to wait for instructions from higher up, after all it is a serious matter. The very people Solas Tempus is making an effort to help when Starfleet couldn’t, is also attempting to cause prejudice with no apparent explanation?

Still in this scenario, Sarah is an empath much like the vulcans and betazoids. For the sake of not jinxing the whole plot, it needs to be someone who hasn’t experienced the admonition or can’t be probed through a mindmeld, like a ferengi. Or better, just let someone else discover the saboteur, although the former is still important just in case she is called to investigate afterwards, or else we’d risk Sarah misinterpreting it and understanding the admonition in the same way as the Zhat Vash do, or we’d skip straight to when it is fully understood as in the end of PIC.

Now when all this could happen, it could happen in different ways:

  • Infiltrated romulan operative, as in a double agent, is who begins the sabotage. Could be any time, even much before the convoy is sent or perhaps even during the attack on Mars. It all depends on what outcome would be preferred by the Zhat Vash or which one will lead to the people believing it is a fault on the sentient AI themselves and not result of external sabotage;
  • Disguised romulan operative, as in a seemingly harmless civillian. Again, could be anywhen. If done before the attack on Mars, they would have the benefit of Solas Tempus not being on high alert, being somewhat unsuspecting that anyone would even attack them. What could happen is possibly some alarms going off as this operative tries to infiltrate and attack. This has a slimmer chance of ever getting close to succeed because of the security clearances and how surveillance could be AI powered as well (why not?).
  • Unsuspecting rescuee, as in during evacuation. The convoys did arrive and started evacuating as many people they could or perhaps even try speed up the process with fast travel methods, like the Slipstream Drive, Fold, Soliton Wave or even a combination of those, so they can manufacture even just large shells with life support to bring as much people they could to a relocation area temporarily. But just like that, there could be an operative passing as a rescuee and then trying to sabotage a sentient AI while everyone is focused on bringing the civillians somewhere else. This is a grotesquely simplified scenario but imagine how much planning could have happened off screen to make this work with the same power as it did on Mars, just that it would not be successful.

Anyway, those are my cents. I need to say the first scenario seem more plausible. After all, it’s the same tactic used at Starfleet

Sounds good to me, I was wondering about that, considering that the Scorpio Prophet is a Defiant class ship, it wouldn’t be much use in the mass rescue side of things.

I wouldn’t mind involving Crystal as well. That would allow for some extra firepower from external threats… though if it came to internal threats (spies) I’m not sure how well Xosh and Crystal would do on that front.

But I’m guessing that’s where other chars are for.

You are correct, the Temporal Reconciliations, particularly the Treaty of Devolin deal with relations with the Romulan Star Empire. Note, I wrote these things before Star Trek Picard was released.

The events of Picard haven’t happened yet, at this point in the timeline, Picard is either just about to or has just recently resigned after meeting with the Federation Council.

So, moving forward for the plot at hand. How can we include Sarah or Nul’Aiana? If you want to at all?

All three of your options for how to include a Romulan operative and get them into Solas Tempus facilities could work really well especially the idea that Solas Tempus unwittingly rescues a Zhat Vash agent. I think I’ll add that as a post-rescue kind of thing or maybe a different plot altogether. It would be nice to have someone willing to play that part.

The way I see it, the terrorist plot which took place on Mars had to take a lot of planning. Since at that time, the ALFRE act was only year old, it is safe to say the Zhat Vash and Tal Shiar are planning something for Solas Tempus after that. The more I think about it, the more I think this should be its own plot.

Aiana is more in the engineering side of things, so if starships, passenger ships or arkships are being built, she could be called to help build them. Or she could be called to command one of them as well, because she’s a full Commander.

As for Sarah, it really depends on where she can best serve. A scout ship like the Sapphire Hornet has little use in an evacuation operation, so she could be part of a temporary crew or be temporary member of a ship’s command chain. Maybe a ship only with TACCOM or obscura agents, keeping an eye out so no “neighbors” can try make use of the situation. It’s the Romulan Empire that is fragilized. Imagine if… I dunno–the Ferengi find it an opportunity for profit, so they try to take control over the transport ships and contact the Romulans that they would only allow them to continue for a price. I’m only throwing ideas on the table but it’s only to give an idea of how the quadrant isn’t exactly peaceful. Anything can happen

So I imagine that, along with the convoy, several starships Galaxy Class or superior would be deployed to escort the convoy. There would be quite a few acting commanders and acting captains to command each ship. The same happened when Data was temporarily reassigned from the Enterprise to command another ship in form a blockade in the edge of the neutral zone to prevent a cloaked romulan ship from influencing the choosing of the new high chancellor of the Klingon Empire. The same could happen with Solas Tempus, even to assign as many players to as many ships as possible.

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