Operation Flintlck - Recon Mission 2

/* Sorry about the long wait @darktrooper501, I forgot about starting this. So, we had the thought for Vlad to help pay out beacons for the course for the rescue ships to take. We’ll start with Siv meeting with Vlad, I assume they are interviewing possible candidates to fill these roles. */

Siv scheduled for Vlad to stop in and see if he was interested in piloting a scout ship to drop off beacons for the fleet to follow after Crystal scouted out the basic course. They would need supplies, and other resources for the fleet.

Vlad made his way to Siv"s office. Once he was in and seated “You wanted to see me boss?”

She nods, “Please sit down.” she motions for the seat across from her desk, “I trust you are well?”

He sits down. “Yes I am, I’ve been pretty good for a while. So what’s this mission about?”

“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, the planet Romulus is facing an extinction level event. We have been asked to assist in evacuating the planet after the failed Federation attempts to built a fleet 2 years ago. The Romulan Senate has voted to request our assistance.” She pauses to let that sink in a moment before continuing, “We have a ship currently scouting a general route, but we need another vessel to scout planets we can use as temporary support locations for the evacuation convoy. Not everyone in the galaxy would like to see this happen.”

“Well i knew something was up with the Romulans just didn’t know it was that. This is pretty serious.” He sat up a little, paying.closer attention. “If you mean what i think you mean I’m your man. I won’t anyone interfere.”

“What we would like you to do, is take a scout ship to various star systems, look for M-Class planets or any other location we could use to place a Hermod Gate and a contingent of Starships. We can have outposts towed into place in a matter of weeks.” she smiles at him, glad that he sees the seriousness of what they are trying to do.

He nods, “Affirmative ma’am, damn interesting mission this will be.”

“Our records indicate you are a skilled pilot? If so, we have a small vessel, the Insane Prince. She’s a Baudo Class, maneuverable, shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows either.” She smiles and let’s Vlad process a bit.

“If you accept, stealth will be key, we would prefer these sites to be secret until the last possible moment. It cold be dangerous.”

“Well typically only had combat missions on my flight time but with a small ship like this i shouldn’t have much trouble. I’ll take the mission.”

“Excellent!” She says and taps her Vertex, “Sending you the information for the Insane Prince and mission details, you should depart by first thing tomorrow if possible.”

“he nods, I’ll look over them when o get to my room and get my things in order ma’am”

With the meeting concluded, Siv would wait until Vlad left before leaving herself. Vlad would find the course pretty simple, there were 17 star systems along the course that would need to be charted, within the orders were a description of what they were looking for…

  1. Existence of an uninhabited M-Class world or moon preferred (but not required)
  2. Stable single or binary system
  3. Existence of an asteroid belt of some kind

They would need at least 5 star systems along the route from Romulan Space to Concord space in order to make this work.

There was virtually no data at all on the systems in question, none of them had been charted. Of course, they needed at least 5 star systems along a route, there were clustered in groups by distance from Concord space:

Beeria Sector

  • Tovina System
  • Hubroid System
  • Tucana System

Tau Majestius Sector

  • Gamma Ovalos System
  • Plukail System
  • Noera System

Ataraddon Sector

  • Than Dokidian System
  • Kneva Sulchin System
  • Winovin System
  • Sotaleko System

Las Miranonine Sector

  • Cardai System
  • Furangolia System
  • Zemnar System
  • Sigma Koury System

Wonara Sector

  • Ariaviz Vabanula System
  • Ames Wine System
  • Poraroid System

Vlad went over the mission details in his room. He got all of his things on order and the next day was ready. He went to the hangar to see his new ride for the mission.

The Insane Prince was a Beaudo Class Runabout. A simple ship, one main deck, built more for speed and maneuverability at sub-light speeds and within an atmosphere. She had two rooms, one state room for the Captain / pilot and one for a copilot or mission specialist. In this case, it was jus Vlad. Two micro torpedo launchers were already outfit for launches the smaller Recon Probes, which were more useful for planetary use.

It was a fine ship, looked to be hardly used, a metallic grey color. In the hangar bay on Nimbus it was sitting in it’s berth, as Vlad came to it the hangar crews looked like they had just finished refueling it. Fuel lines giving off a faint mist of cooled water air had just been unhooked from the ship and were being pulled back to refuel the next ship on the list.

The ramp was down, allowing Vlad to head right in. A single security officer was there, though he didn’t make an aggressive or intense challenge, when Vlad heads up to the ship he would be asked for his identification and then allowed to enter. Inside the ship was spartan, but looked like it would be comfortable to work in. The ramp goes up into the ship right in front of the engine room at a T-intersection. To the right was a corridor that bent around to the lounge area and a door to a small cabin and another to a workshop. To the left there was an office / armory and a storage room and then the same lounge.

Inside the lounge there was bench seating with a small table to the left, a replicator to the right, and in the center-back wall a computer terminal with some storage cabinets and counter space. From the lounge one could get to a storage room and the medical bay. To the left the head and the captains quarters. Ahead there was a corridor which ended in the cockpit.

Inside the cockpit there was a mission ops / science / engineering console – basically just a secondary console for whatever was needed with a chair and then the pilots seat with the main controls and the window.

This class had the windows at the front of the ship on the underside of the hull, another bit of evidence that the designers may have intended this for planetary usage. One could get a better view of what was ahead / under them than a lot of other runabouts. The dedication plaque on the after of the cockpit had the quote; “One man to live in pleasure and wealth, whiles all other weap and smart for it, that is the part not of a king, but of a jailor.” - Sir Thomas More

/* If you want to do anything before boarding that’s fine too, just narrating so if you don’t we can get started. */

After exploring the ship for a bit he put his things away then got into the pilots chair. He started up the ship and checked the destinations to formulate a flight plan.

The first sector was the Beeria Sector and the nearest star system was the Tovina System, it was only 8 lightyears from Schatten and the closest tot he sector. The next closest were the Hubroid and Tucana Star Systems.

Flight plan ready he did the take off checklist. Then he radioed control for permission to take off. Once he could take off he does so and heads into high orbit while he lets the computer do the math work for his first destination and going into warp speed to get there.

The Tovina system was 8 lightyears away so at flank speed (Warp 7.5) he’d be there in 3 days. Vlad goes through the barrier at impulse speeds, as is the only safe way to do so, without losing any systems. Once at warp, the trip goes relatively quickly. Unless Vlad brought anything extra with him, the vessel is stocked with the basics in military fashion – this meant the IMP which was basically a Solas Tempus MRE. The replicator was of, course available and the ship was fully powered. The ship had an AI, but as Vlad had not called for the AI they had not shown themselves. That was pretty standard though, not everyone liked having an AI on board and the AI’s job was to manage ships systems. Like people, some AI’s took duties like this for the quiet while others were more outgoing – clearly this one was more interested in quiet, unless Vlad called for them it would probably not manifest. Well, unless something fucked up happened.

Vlad got settled into the ship while it traveled at flank speed. The MRE equivalents were no problem for him, he had eaten worse back home but the lack of people to talk to was. Of course radio silence was optimal for a mission like this so with no other option for socialization he called up the ship’s AI. “Hey Oscar, I see you are a bit of a shy type. I’d like to talk, organics don’t deal so well with social isolation and this mission might end up seeming very long without company.”