Onyx Operative for Desert Phone Booth

Creating a new character to serve as the antagonist for the redone Desert Phone Booth plot. The character will be the Onyx version of a Temporal Operative. The primary job of this operative is to execute their orders, as with many other antagonist organizations we’re using the trope that Onyx does not really trust it’s subordinates enough to give them more details than they need, in fact information is at a high premium. What I’m looking to create is someone who is relatable, they are not going to be an evil character. I have previously used ideas of mental health for this, a person who has some deep seeded delusions and the like. I’m not sure what way I want to go with this but any help is appreciated.

If the game goes well I may even use this character as a recurring antagonist in other plots as we don’t have a lot of such characters.

maybe the classic, they believe that they are actually doing something good, either because of their past lines of work (IE. ex Solas Tempus operative, Federation Temporal operative or another organization) where they were disillusioned from what actions were being performed, this also could come from the side of a regular citizen of the future who wants to help people and improve people’s lives, but doesn’t believe that the current leadership factions are doing exactly that, so they joined up with Onyx to make things better, or so they believe.