Onyx MFR Raid Notes

Plot notes for the upcoming Onyx MFR (Marine Force Recon) raid. I know this is a long time coming, but I didn’t have as good a procedure yet when I started this at getting these things done.


Solas Tempus detected a Romulan Fleet heading into unknown space and sent a scout mission out to find them and find out what they were up to.

The Romulans evaded detection very well but the team encountered a Cardassian ship which was heavily damaged near the Bone Nebula. This nebula had a Romulan Warbird fleeing it, which was then destroyed. Some kind of extremely large ship was exiting the nebula when the scouts returned to base to avoid further detection.

A mission has been approved to head back to the nebula and do recon as to what is in there.


As has been posted on Discord we’ve reboot this plot as it died on the vine. @Buckethead and I discussed making it smaller and easier to manage.

  • Briefing
    A small team involving Marine Force Recon as the primary force of 1 squad (limiting to 10 marines at most for ease of running) with Tal Ravis as an advisor and Norman (since the player is already involved) as backup or additional support. In the briefing the Epoch will be the ship that delivers them to the Bone Nebula as before. Decided that the Epoch will also have aboard an ALR-1 Ravis Missile for a last-resort weapon. Solas Tempus isn’t going to attack the base but rather attempt to use it for intelligence and not reveal they know where it is.
  • Objectives
    The marines are to infiltrate secretly, gather intelligence, and attempt to place a subspace transceiver into the stations computer network. This will require the marines to conceal themselves and give a clear objective to complete to end the mission. Install the device and get out.