One step forward, Only to be sent back thousands more. (Drem & Lance)

On March 2nd, 2018, Drem and lance got back from their long, enjoyed trip. They decided they would work together, but she wouldn’t move to ad undas for a month or two, due to complications.

On march 4th, Drem confoscho received a message about a final showdown between her and her enemies, Or, What was thought to be a final showdown.

It was one Versus 15, Not very even for a showdown, But she could take them. First, she nailed the 10 normal humans, Killing them within an hour, and defending herself from the others. She then took out 2 of the magic users, Not realizing that the two others had fleed, and made an escape. It was a very long, long fought battle, but they eventually managed to take them out. Finally, She had one more to go. A ghoul. A kakuja-Type ghoul, to be more specific.

The two fought for hours on end, they moved deeper into the city, due to police eventually going to come for the bodies. They had all seemed to either been burnt to death, or beheaded by melted ice.

Drem had the overhand in the battle, and right when she had the chance to win, she mis stepped, and fell down. And from then on, she had given the victory to the ghoul. She felt large shards stab straight through her stomach, and instantly blacked out after having the heck beaten out of herself.

Thankfully, over 3 911 calls had been made about the large fight, which caused the ghoul to be shot to death by the police. Drem confoscho and the ghoul (which they did not know was a ghoul) Instantly got sent to the hospitals emergency care.

Something that should never have been done had happened. They somehow mixed up the ghouls organs with the ones drem was supposed to have transplanted.

Over the next 3 weeks, drem confoscho reported that food had odd tasted to her, and she had extreme trouble downing it, despite nothing being wrong with her system. Drem’s medical bills were sided, as she had the proper insurance and the like to pay for it.

One the last week of treatment, she was fed 2 meals a day, and managed to trick her doctor and nurse that she had eaten it, But really she only ate one of those meals out of the whole week. Luckily, black coffee helped her, so she drank alot of that, the amount they would let her at least.

Once drem was let out, She had spent a week in her apartment, at home recovering, before moving her very small amount of items in with lance. She was thankful lance visited her a few times, along with a few of her small friends she made on her trips.

And now, drem had begun to notice some interesting things…
One day, she got a paper cut, and had her finger in her mouth while getting a bandaid. Then, she noticed…Blood didn’t taste like metal, it tasted more like… A rich, flavour. Like chicken broth in a way, it had that rich feeling, for a minute, she enjoyed that taste. “OK, Wait, What?” she asked herself, very confused.

Drem had gone to the park, and done some research on her laptop. She eventually led her searches to ghoul’s. But they couldnt infect people, so… How did drem become this horrid creature?!

First, she did a test. She cut her arm open a bit, and tasted the blood. Same flavour. It would normally taste like blood. She was instantly grossed out. “No… No way, No goddamn way…” she thought. “I’m not a vampire… Vampires can still eat normal food half the time… Theres… Only one way to test this out…” She said, almost feeling like barfing from the idea. She told lance she would be out for the night and be back in the morning, to which lance didn’t question, since she was always out and about often.

Drem confoscho had killed found a suicide victims body, and slowly she got their finger. At an instant, something changed. Her left eye, Her iris’s had gone a blood red, and her Sclera’s had gone fully black.

As drem confoscho’s ghoul senses took over, her body managed to feast and finally be fufilled.
Drem had to finally sit down for awhile, and make sure the body was disposed of. She was terrified. “No way…There has to be some kind of way to undo this… I can’t… I can’t be some sort of cannibal…!?” drem thought to herself, terrified.

“How am I going to explain this? How… What… Argh!” she yelled to herself. She pulls her mask over her face, and her hood over her head, dashing across the rooftops to clear hermind best she can. “So… I’m a ghoul now… A cannibalistic creature who feeds on humans and blood, and cannot eat normal food ever again… I’ll never… Be able to…” She slowed. “Be normal again…”

Drem had returned to ad undas that night, easily making her way in like she always does.

And now, we start.

As soon as Drem goes back to the base she is greeted by two officers, they see her credentials but will not let her pass in. The two shifters sniff at her, and sniff at her a few times before they raise their weapons and direct them at her and demand that she get on the ground, ankled folded, hands on her head. If she refuses to do such, they will shoot her - if she does (which lets hope she does). Assuming, however, that she does, they take her into custody, cuffing her hands behind her back. They secure her hands behind her back and then have additional restrained at her elbows as well.

It takes quite a while for them to get her to a secured holding cell. The cell itself is bulletproof glass on one wall, a single solid piece that is secured in place with steel reinforced by titanium. The walls are concrete with steel cores, there are no windows other than the viewing window itself, and that is one way - all Drem herself see’s is her own reflection, but it isn’t hard to figure what it is. The guards have already informed Lance, but they informed him that a potential imposter attempted to grain entry, listing it as some kind of a Ghoul or related creature, perhaps even vampiric.

Luckily, drem did get on the ground, ankles folded, hands on head, the like. Drem Sighs, She knows she could easily get out of these cuffs if she wished, either by burning them off, or icing the chains and breaking the metal down. But she doesn’t wish to have the life beaten out of her, AGAIN, so she just sits there. She closed her eyes, and leans her head back.
“Well fuck. I find out i’m a ghoul not even an hour ago, and i’m already being held captive. I knew they were hated, but damn… Now what…? I could… i would prefer Not to break these off and run and potentially risk dying.” She thought to herself.

She seems to be lost in her own mind, thankfully. She hums a small song, just barely enough for any to hear, like a whisper.

They observe her for a while, and then after about 20 or so minutes he goes into the ante-chamber, these cells were designed so that you had to go into a small side room that had to be locked before you could even go into the cell itself. She could hear, from inside, the sound of the outer door locking and then the inner door unlocking. The door swings open, and Lance himself enters. He has no weapons on him, he waits for the door to lock behind him and he looks her over for a few moments and waits to see what she does or says.

Drem sorta just sits there, and as she hears the doors unlock, and luck, the like. Once she sees him enter, she knows he doesn’t carry any actual weapons,but she knows he can do much more without any weapons.

“Soo…” she wasn’t nervous, moreover just kinda awkward. She waits to listen to what he has to say.

There was only one sure way that Lance could think to find out of this was somehow the real her or not. It was dangerous but he was … Well he was Lance Thomas, Admiral Lance fucking Thomas, and there were few things he couldn’t kill. He somehow did have a flash in his mind about the time that someone had turned him into a vampire an the magic users had managed to turn him back into a human, of course it took 5 hours and multiple… Well he stopped that train of thought, he releases her hands from their restraints, he takes an inhale near her skin and smells - smelling a hint of what his werewolf guards had smelled. He was going to speak and instead he just reached his hand out for hers now that her hands were free.

Her hands left small red marks from the hand cuffs, as they had been fastened on tightly. Of course, she didn’t mind, but lance could tell she had the urge to ice them off like she always did when restrained.
She didn’t mind him doing the sniff thing, since the shifters did it already before.
Slowly, Drem’s hand naturally reaches out for his, like they always did. They reached their hands for eachother’s.

As the two touch, the same thing happens that has been happening for the longest time between them, it was odd, this effect of their relationship throughout lifetimes. It was like which came first, the chicken or the egg? Were they together now because of this effect or did the effect come to be because they were together now? It was hard to say, time streams and fates and all of that wrapped into an incredibly unsure and unpredictable thing.

For Lance and Drem right now, the flash back was to and off scene… Deep dish Pizza, in some lavish suite, with an infinity pool outside, discussing a wedding. It was such a warm feeling, so unlike now, that it was almost jarring in it’s other-ness from how things were at the moment. The uncertainty of what was going on and of life for Lance in general had this memory throw him off kilter. Though it wasn’t a memory, it was the future, but it felt like a memory…

He looks at her, “I’m sorry.” he says softly, before he kneels down to her, “The shifters said that you smelled like a Ghoul, which we haven’t seen in these parts for a long time.”

She blinked from the memory, confused of that… The other memories weren’t as odd, but this… This was weird…
Slowly, as both of them returned from that memory. “It-uh…Well…About the ghoul part…” Her eyes sort of shifted away for a short moment…

He looks at her, “So it’s true.” he says quietly, “So what happened?” he says looking her over, “The shifters would have noticed if you’d been one the whole time…” and then he thinks about it for a good while, then says, “And I’ve seen you eat normal food.” he looks confused, really unsure what has happened here.

She nodded, “I’m not sure… After the surgery, I thought it was just my taste buds acting up, thats what the doctors thought… but…I can’t seem to digest any normal food… I cut my finger this morning, and well…” She doesn’t continue, It should be clear to lance that she tasted blood, and the like. She didn’t seem very happy at all with the matter, but she remains calm.

He nods a bit, sighing softly. “That is a lot to take in.” he says first, he clearly has a reaction to it, mostly hidden but if she pays attention she can see it passing behind his eyes, kept locked there. Finally he says, “How are you holding up?”

Drem was still shaken up about all that had happened… She could tell his reaction, but she stayed quiet… “I’m doing ok…” she said quietly. Who wouldn’t be fearful finding out only an hour or so ago that they were no longer human, and instead, a cannibalistic monster?

Lance sighs and he literally just sits on the concrete floor of the cell. So far he has said nothing about why the put her here or anything else like that. Of course they could give a Ghoul access to the base, that would not be unheard of. They had vampires in the past with access, and a Ghoul wasn’t much different. There was actually a lot they didn’t know about Ghouls, but the thought of using Drem to gain the information was distasteful to say the least. So he leans against the bench adjusting so he was next to her, “How long has it been since you ate?” he asked in such a tone that she knew what he meant.

She sighed soon after, “I did today…” She gave him that ‘I Swear I didn’t kill anyone’ look, if there even is one. Drem herself was well controlled, and he knew she could gain control over her ghoul side within practice. Drem herself though, didn’t mind being used for gaining info on them, whether it be experimenting on her, or learning from other ghouls.

She would mind what they would do to her, no one should go through that. Of course there was a bit of a war inside Lance right now - was she still the woman he loved? Was she still a woman? He made the choice that she was, even though it was a quick judgement call he knew that he was going to have to justify it to himself later, probably a few times later too. With that, he gets up and offers her his hand again, “Lets get you out of here, I’m sorry they detained you, they thought you were an imposter.”

She takes his hand in hers, and sits up. Only to start to fall down from the cuffs on her ankles. She manages to somehow catch herself, impressively In a way. “It’s alright. I can see the reasons.” She said with her smile.

He sighs, obviously having been a bit discombobulated by this whole affair. He really had no idea what to do about this now, but he focused on the shackles around her ankles and they released themselves with a bit of a popping clang. Holding her hand he nods and waits while the inner door is unlocked… They get into the cross-room, and the outer door unlocks when the inner door closes again. Finally, they are let into the hallway. Drem herself is getting some suspicious looks from those around her.

Drem sighed, thanking him for taking the shackles off. as she and lance entered the hallway, it was quiet… she ignored the stares from around her, keeping her usual blank look. She was a tad uncomfortable with the staring, but she ignores it and lets it be how it is.

Lance looks around and then nods to the other man there, she hasn’t met him yet but looked to have a square jaw and dark hair. He looked serious, if she was familiar with military rank insignia it shows him to be a captain, his uniform says Langley. The man nodded and said, “Do you have something to say?” he says it quietly, and they all look at him with a nod and scatter to their various jobs. He looks at Lance and then another man, someone else she hasn’t seen before hands him a clipboard just as he’s about to ask for one - even gets his mouth open to ask before the man hands him a clipboard, the man’s uniform says Strauss. Langley chuckles and hands to the clip board to Lance, who takes it and signs, then starts to say something about paperwork and Strauss just nods, “It’s in your office Sir.”