One Day, One Week

Part 1

T’Rak and Halwyn closely watched their target from their position using their rifles’ scope. The open grassland giving them a crisp and clear line of sight to their target. The wind was calm, it was humid, the air temperature was just right, there was a slight drizzle, but it was nothing to worry about.

Both silently waited for their target, watching a singular tent containing a person who was unfathomably evil, that they could only be called the Devil herself. There were rumors that she was solely responsible for the rumored ‘Liquidation’ Project, thought to be a mass genocide of what the Empire of Leiden called ‘Prisoners’, ‘Criminals’, ‘Persons of Interest’, ‘Traitors’ and POWs being held behind bars.

And so they waited, they were deep behind enemy lines, incredibly deep, and so the chances of survival was relatively low. Halwyn looked at a necklace of his with his dark brown eyes, containing the picture of his wife and their 7 month old son.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to come back alive after this, but he steeled himself, he was doing this for everyone he loved and cared about, friends and family. His wife back home waiting in agony for the news that he had died, hoping that that day will never come.

“She’s coming out.”

Halwyn tucked the necklace back under his camouflage, mix of the trusted ghillie suit and Thermo-optical camouflage, and looked through his rifle scope, watching the tent.

The tent entrance ruffled, and the two readied themselves to shoot.

T’Rak had been Halwyn’s partner since god knows how long, he was a good shot, with the occasional mistakes here and there. He was to point out who was their target and signal when to shoot, so Halwyn trusted him with his life.

“There she is.”

The Sniper couldn’t believe his eyes.

Walking out of the tent was a woman, around 4’3 berk (5 feet, 7 inches) tall, her near white hair and curvy figure was something to die for, she walked with an aura of absolute authority, she had an aura that would instill fear into the hearts and minds of the people.

And fear he did feel.

“On my signal…”

Halwyn readied himself, his rifle scope taking into account the humidity, air temperature, gravity, distance and everything else within a fraction of a second. Before he could even begin counting, he already had a firing solution.

“On my mark, 3…”

Halwyn steadied his rifle, turning off the safety.


Doing some mental calculations, he adjusted his aim a bit to the left, having remembered how his rifle scope still had some problems.


He placed his finger on the trigger.


Both men pulled the trigger, a noiseless ‘pffft’ was what could only be heard from their rifles, taking a few seconds to verify their shot, they could only smile.

Their Targets’ right arm went flying, T’Raks shot was a little low but it removed their targets’ left leg from her body.

He didn’t need to be ordered to start running, quickly picking up their rifles, the duo got up and ran the hell outta dodge, only being stopped by the sudden appearance of a tank and several soldiers a few hundred meters from their original position.

Dropping their weapons, they both raised their hands, surrendering.

If only they stayed a little longer…

Part 2

3 weeks later…

A large ship sat in Low Orbit above the planet, overlooking one of it’s many blue oceans. On one of it’s observation decks stood a woman, watching the planet with eyes full of hate and rage; Her gloved hands were inside the pockets of her open trench coat, balled into fists.

“I want them to burn…” was the only thought running through her head. What they did to her, she was going to repay a billion fold, she didn’t care about exotic animals, or infants, or even useful soldiers. She wanted everything on the planet dead.

The door behind her opened, a soldier in full armor entered and spoke:

“Ma’am, your shuttle is ready.”

She nodded and closed her trench coat. “I’ll be there in a minute.” The soldier left her to her own devices. Making sure her gloves were sealed, the Woman closed her trench coat and attached a device behind her right and left ear before turning around and exiting the observation deck.

As she walked down the hallway, soldiers would step out of her way as she walked, her steps getting heavier and heavier. She was now reaching unimaginable levels of pure rage, that even her soldiers were utterly terrified as she walked past.

And then the pain hit.

Her only reaction was hitting the wall with her -prosthetic- fist with such force that the wall bent from the mere impact. An unlucky soldier was left standing next to her, frozen.

She stared at the soldier with fury in her eyes, he took it as a go ahead to leave her presence, and leave he did. Practically run-walking out of there.

On the Ground…

The sounds of gunfire echoed throughout the open streets, civilians ran for safety, only to be gunned down. Survivors were mercilessly shot in the head, tanks rolled through bodies littering the streets with absolutely no respect for the dead.

All the while, the Woman walked through the bodies littering the streets. Her pistol drawn.

She was doing this under the original goal of ‘Living Space’ , to allow the overpopulated planets under the Empire’s control to move some of their population and ease or eliminate whatever problems they had. Yes. That was it.

The sound of a handgun going off echoed through the silent street as the Woman shot a survivor, a child, merely 7 years of age. There was no pity in her eyes, nor remorse. Just the desire to see everyone and everything in the planet dead.

“Friedrich.” The Woman asked Friedrich, her Second-in-Command, he was a man who was taller and leaner than her, but had deep respect for her. Seeing that whatever was happening under her orders, were necessary to keep the Empire from collapsing.

“Yes?” He replied, genuine curiosity present in his voice.

“I want you to lead the cleaning operation after this, I don’t want to see a single drop of blood anywhere. Got it?”

The Woman only got an enthusiastic reply of ‘Yes.’ The duo kept on walking with their body guards until they came upon a squad surrounding a house. All of them had their weapons drawn, aiming at the second floor. There were soldiers already inside the first floor of the house, something seemingly preventing them from clearing the second floor.

“What the hell is going on?” The Woman asked, the Officer in Charge, SS- Hauptsturmführer Max Argient. Merely sighed.

“We can’t clear the building, a family is holed up in there with a Heavy Machine Gun. I’ve already lost one soldier, I don’t want to lose more.” Max replied, seemingly unaware of the person talking to him.

Sighing, the Woman walked towards the building and entered, Soldiers making way for her.

“Hey! Don’t shoot!” She shouted from under the stairwell, handing a soldier one of her pistols and exchanging it for a more concealable one. Hiding it on her sleeve. There was shuffling on the second floor.

“I’m coming up.” The Woman shouted, her hands raised above her head, to show that she was unarmed.

The man, the father most likely, carefully aimed the machine gun at her, his finger on the trigger. It was visible that they were terrified, behind him, what looked like his wife held on to a child, an infant. The wife held the infant close, shielding the young one with her own body.

“See? I’m unarmed.” The Woman said. “My name is Eva Hanstrig, I’m the officer-in-charge of the soldiers surrounding your house.” The father, upon hearing that, immediately raised the gun up to Eva, ready to pull the trigger.

“Hey! Hey! Look…just stand down, and we’ll spare you.”

The father didn’t believe her and simply motioned for his wife to move away.

Eva was having none of it however, and while the man was looking at his wife, she pulled out her gun and shot him in the head, blood splattering across the hardwood floor. The wife didn’t even take a second look before running into the next room and locking the door. The sound of a crying infant could be heard through the locked door.

This didn’t stop Eva however, and she simply kicked down the door, and spotted the woman huddling herself in a corner of the room, cradling the infant, trying to calm it down. Eva stepped closer, slowly, and carefully took the crying infant from it’s mother’s arms.

“Shhh…” Eva cradled the infant, and started singing a lullaby from her childhood, sung to her by her aunt.

Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf,
Der Vater hüt die Schaf,
Die Mutter schüttelts Bäumelein
Da fällt herab ein Träumelein.
Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf!

The infants’ crying slowly died down, and Eva kept singing.

Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf,
Am Himmel ziehn die Schaf,
Die Sternlein sind die Lämmerlein,
Der Mond, der ist das Schäferlein,
Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf!

Eva slowly started rocking the baby, to calm it, singing the last stanza of the lullaby.

Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf,
so schenk ich dir ein Schaf
Mit einer goldnen Schelle fein,
Das soll dein Spielgeselle sein,
Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf!

When she finished, the infant was well asleep in her arms, its breathing steady and in rhythm with Evas breathing. The mother was now reduced to silently shedding tears, hoping for a miracle to happen.

The sound of a handgun going off was heard, blood splattering on Evas face, the body of the infant dropping to the floor. The mother was horrified for a moment, before shattering to a screaming mess, grabbing and clutching the body of her dead infant.

Christ…the nerve of some people…” The thought ran through Evas mind as she shot the mother through the eye, not bothering to aim. As she was making her way to the stairs, she emptied the remainder of the ammunition in her handgun on the fathers’ corpse before making her way downstairs.

Switching the pistol with her standard pistol, Eva wiped the blood off her face as she made her way outside.

“Continue!” Was her only order, and the squad resumed their previous task and cleared the buildings. Killing any survivors holed up inside.

“Friedrich, let’s go.” Eva ordered her Second-in-Command, walking away from the scene.

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