On the names of supernaturals

So, I was going to post this on the recent “Ghouls” discussion, but I’ve decided to make it it’s own topic because it kind of applies to more then one supernatural race.
I wanted to post this because “Ghoul” is a fairly non-specific term. There are many different concepts of what a “Ghoul” is. In Arabian mythology a ghoul is a spirit, while in the Tokyo Ghoul anime it is a type of human (From what I know).
What I’m saying is, considering that some supernaturals have the same name, they should not all be considered the same species. While the race currently being proposed is referred to as a ghoul, it should not be the only race within the Altered Sins that would be referred to as a ghoul. In the same way as zombies could be a result of a virus or a voodoo curse, but would all be referred to as “Zombies” even if they were animated via completely different methods.

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