Of Truth, Lie and other Monsters (Virus, Flask and Emily)

What has happened?
Emily met Virus in the science labs and did some small talk. After a while, they agreed on testing a substance called “Verita Serum” in Virus’ rooms.
The substance’s special property is that the victim can’t tell lies.
Accompanied by Flask, who joined in later, Emily and Virus went to latter’s room, and took a seat there.

Virus, upon the two having taken a seat, materializes three schnapps glasses. He walks over to the table Emily and Flask were seated by, and puts the glasses on the table. They produce a loud “cling!”.
Virus, his head tilted, looks at the glasses thoughtfully. In reaction of his view, seemingly, the glasses get covered in piles of binary streams. After a second, the streams vanish and each glass would be filled with a clear substance. Apart from Virus’ glass, which contains a vicious looking, crimson red liquid. His smile well audible in his voice, hinting that he finds this funny, he says:

“Well, there we go. To whom shall we drink?”

Flask wasn’t caring much about the substance in each glass, he thought that it was just the syrum they were going tk drink. Once the liquid starts to come out of the binary code, Flask would quickly be able to smell the two clear drinks. Since he couldn’t see, smell was the next best thing to identify what the liquids were. He didn’t have that liquid memorized in his mind, in fact he never smelt this liquid before. But it was how he was able to tell that him and Emily had the same drink in their cup. But it was the third drink, the crimson red one, that smelt awfully different to him. He turns his head to the cup and then up to Virus, even though those were only his head movements to show that he’s focusing on something, not that he was looking at that something. He pokes the glass with the red liquid, slightly moving it but not tipping it over
"Wait, what’s up with this drink? It smells different from the other two. Are you going to drink a dud while we drink the real thing?"
Flask said in a very nonchalant voice for what he had suggested. His facial expression was blank and neutral from what you could see of it. He seems be asking his question for the sake of just asking it

Emily stares at the glasses as the liquid appears, she didn’t know if it was the weird science of the station or alchemy from her world. She eagerly pick up the cup and look at Flask and Virus. “carpe diem”

The two drinks of Emily and Flask would, for normal noses, give off no scent. As Flask’s senses are trained, we would be able to smell something clear, and sterile in his and Emily’s glass.
The liquid in Virus’ glass smells rotten for Flask, and a bit like blood. Emily would not be able to smell this.
Virus, looking at Emily, says, in a rather friendly tone…
"Wait a minute, Flask has asked something."
Then, he faces Flask.
"I could offer you the same drink, but I doubt you’ll survive it. The thing with immunity is, that it’s gotta be trained. And the liquid at hand is my favorite one. A poison, which feeds off organic matter, such as blood and flesh, uses it, to reproduce itself and like this, spreads. Want some, still?"
He says, a playful tone in his voice in the last sentence.

Flask thinks that from its description, it sounds an awefully lot like his poison potion, although his potions spread from a source, which is where it was injected, and that Flask’s potions can feed on more than just organinc matter. He comments in his still nonchilant voice
"It sounds a lot like my poison potion, and I know no one survives that, so I’ll just stick with what I have here…“
Flask picks up his cup as he finished that statement and turned his head at it. Once more, that was to imply he was focusing on the drink, not looking at it. But neither Emily or Virus knew that at that point. He continues on with
"So are these the drinks you’ll test on us? What do they do?”

“it’s a truth serum made by Virus. I wanna see if it can force someone to divulge useful information during interrogations.” She wasn’t nervous about drinking the liquid, whatever it was all she needed is a cut and she could flush it out of her system. She looked at the two waiting for them to be ready to drink.

Flask looked to Emily as she spoke her knowledge about the syrum. He looks back to his cup with the drink in it
"Hm… sounds pretty straightforward, although if there’s any more I should know, please tell me. If not, give me something to tell the truth about and I’ll drink it"

"Well, the serum works a bit differently than you think, Flask. The amount you are about to drink will be sufficient for around 20 minutes. And, you won’t start talking like a waterfall as soon as you drink it. It’s more of a ‘the truth slips past your mind faster than you can keep it from being spit out by your mouth.’"
Virus explains, remaining in his relaxed position on his chair.
"However, To Truth, Lie and all the other monsters!"
He’d speak up, and raise his glass. After he waited for a few minutes to let the others answer and/or ask further questions, and if there are no further questions, he’d down his glass at once.
After that, He’d slam the glass back on the table, heavy coughing fit shakes him.

"Puh. Hard stuff."
The verita serum would have no real taste. Just like water.

Flask would listen to his explanation about how the syrum worked. After he finished and brought up his cup to a toast, he replied with
"Well regardless, after we drink this, I’ll need a topic to talk about. Give me anything and I’ll tell the truth. And cheers, To Truth, Lie, and all other monsters"
Flask’s voice was emotionless throughout what he said. With his other sentences, his emotionless tone was to be expected, as they didn’t require emotion to get their points. But Flask said everything, even the ‘cheers’ statement, very blandly. His facial expression showed that as well.
Besides that, Flsk cheers his glass into Virus’s glass, but obviously not hard enough for anything to spill out. He then turned his glass to Emily and waited for her to cheer him back. Once she did, he would tilt his head back and drink his glass’s worth of… whatever the drink was called besides “Truth Syrum”. He chuggs it down very quickly then lunges his head back into the normal, straight position, him seemingly not being effected by how strong the drink was, not in the slightest. He lightly put his drink down on the table, and sat still, waiting for someone to talk forst about their now truth-only talk

Emily looks at the two of them listening to Virus’s explanation, she was sure that there was a way to keep the truth hidden even with how he explained the symptoms of the serum. “To Truth, Lie and all the other monsters.” She would down the serum and notice that apart from not smelling like anything it didn’t taste like anything. She put the cup down and wondered if it will take time to feel the effects or if they are already under it’s influence. She looked at Flask to see if he experiencing anything. All the time she was there her eyes would have been constantly looking around inspecting every part of her environment for things only she knew. Her face would be mostly neutral but her body posture is tense as always.

There would not be much change to the environment, nor to how Emily and Flask feel.
Virus, having a rather curious tone, begins to ask:

"So, how are you all?"
Regarding their answer, it would be a strange feeling: As if the mouth says out loud what the mind thinks, leaving latter unable to prevent the first and true thought to be slip out.
However, he remains in a rather relaxed position, having recovered from his coughing fit. He leans back in his chair, his hands laying loosely on his upper legs.

“I feel suffocated in this station, people get angry when i hurt myself. Its my damn body i do with it what i please.” she covers her mouth. that was too much information and it seems like the serum had different properties than what she had expected. She looks over to Flask with her hands still over her mouth.

Flask lets out a sigh after Emily finished, it having a sense of dread and sadness to it
"I haven’t been too good lately. Ever since I’ve returned to the station, I’ve been trying to get my life back together and I feel like it might as well be impossible. I feel like no one trusts me after the stunt I pulled, so that’s why I’m nervous around everyone I talk to" he said in his still nonchalant tone, although it slowly got to the point where a bit of shame was in his voice.
Flask paused for a moment and stayed in place for a second then reaized what just happened “Well holy shit it worked”

Virus chuckles, quiet amused.
"Well, you see, how it works."
Virus turns his head and looks at Emily, remaining a quiet relaxed position. But, He changes a bit: From leaned back into his chair, he now leans forward and keeps himself up with his elbows on his knees. Both feet of him are on the ground.
"Emily, you feel suffocated. What do you do with your body to get them angry? Or are they worried? Have you ever thought of them being worried instead of angry?"
Virus asks her. The already explained effect of the serum would persist.

She stops covering her mouth as if she has an impulsive need to talk “I cut and burn myself, sometimes to use my power but mostly for pleasure. Maybe they are worried but its seems like anger to me. They don’t like the way i think, I want pain not permanent damage. Even if i do go overboard i can always heal myself so whats the fuss?” she stops again and looks down at the ground.

Virus, keeping a rather polite tone, responds:
"Well, at least, I don’t know. Did you try convincing them to let you do your business? What did you try, if you tried?

“All I did was tell them to fuck off and mind their own business. Not like I have to be super nice to anyone. Besides super nice people creep me out”

Good. As far as now. But what now? Virus asked himself internally.
His clueless is hidden on the outside, by a thoughtful nod.

"I see. Well… If you don’t mind a word from me. Solas Tempus ain’t the best, nor are they really trustworthy. They seem to be a bunch of egoistic, almost narcissistic fuckers."
Virus lets that sink in for moment. He has spoken with a hateful, but neutral tone, hinting that he really doesn’t like them.
"However, they are the best option around. Starfleet? Don’t even get me to start about them. Saffron are as much as capitalistic as Tempus is narcissistic. And then, we’re running out of options. Additionally… They supplied us and kept us alive.
I don’t like the fact, but everyone not native to this universe owes them some. How do you feel about it?"
Virus asks Flask and Emily.

“I don’t like it, i never asked to have this happen to me. I got shit going on back home that I’m missing out on because of this. Yeah I know all the shit they have given me for free, but that should be like charity work or something.”

Flask continues in his saddening voice, sighing lightly before he spoke, but only after Emily had finished
"I had nowhere else to go, and honestly back on my planet, I only had one person to care looking for, but he probably thinks I’m dead anyway. Besides, When I was a general on my planet, I was as close to a complete murderous psycho anyone could get to, even after I had everything that made me that way vanish in an instant. After I came here, that me was still there, just not as spontaneously murderous as before. but this place made me more tame. They made me more… normal I guess throughout my time here, and I thank them for that. That old me was someone who I never want to be again, and this place helped me with just that with time and the people here, so I fully trust them…"
Flask paused a bit, realizing he had no control over what he just said. He let out a simple “Huh… it worked again” before sitting still and staying silent