Of Cloaks and Daggers

** Preface **
This is a story / mini event where we learn more about a secret underground organization which created the Phantom bounty hunter / investigator, currently known as “the Shadow Man” and possibly lead into growing more knowledge about him, the organization, and mysterious plots. Let us begin. As many as would like to join in are welcome to do so.

** Beginning **

It had been a long trip, moving during the day in the shadows of cars and trucks, and traveling by night, but eventually the shadow man, a figure in a black trench coat, bandoleers, a hood and a white mask with glowing red eyes makes his way to the edge of the Starlight motel. He carefully surveys the parking lot. watching all the what he would consider scum and villainy running around, acting and doing as they pleased. He watches and waits, wondering if rumors were true, and if they were… this would be the perfect chance to find out, and put an end to whatever they were doing… all he had to do was wait, part of him could smell the emotional energy which he preferred to feed on, but he would feed later, he had a job to do, and villains to put down.

As the shadowy figure watched over the slums of the area, one figure would pop out to everything around them. A female with somewhat revealing clothing, skin as pale as the moonlight, and completely clean. He could just write her off as some prostitute, but she wasn’t on the side of the road waiting for someone to pick up on some sort of service. She had headphones on and putting a skip in her walking to whatever beat was playing, as well as she was bobbing her head. She looked like the type of person about to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The shadow man observes the strange woman with pale skin, he checks his shotguns in case of danger and makes his way quietly towards room 17 of the motel, he mostly sticks to the shadows, only slight glimpses of movement can be seen as parts of him slip into the light, for only a moment, he approaches the door from the side, but before he did anything, he had to confirm suspicions… unfortunately he could feel the bright light in the room, someone was either afraid of shadows, or was trying to keep people like him from taking any other route except the front door into the room.

He leans against the side of the wall, thinking about his next move, he doesn’t want to shoot up the place, just in case it’s an innocent person, but he needs to find out. His eyes shift to the pale skinned woman he saw… perhaps this would be of use for solving his problem, he begins walking over towards her, his pace slightly faster than hers, to help him catch up to her quickly. His hand touches her shoulder to get her attention.

There was no need for him to follow her too quickly, as he would find her going to the motel’s vending machine just outside of the motel. She looked at her phone as she went to the machine, so she hadn’t noticed the shadow man just yet. She was still tapping her feet and bobbing her head as she pulled her wallet from her cleavage and put some money into the machine. She waited for her chips casually.

When he touches her shoulder, she turns casually around and instantly gets spooked because of how he looked. She throws a punch at him instinctively, and whether he catches or gets hit, he would be able to tell this was no human’s strength, especially from a simple pretty woman like her

her fist meets zero resistance but doesn’t connect with anything. It was as if it passed through air or mist, a black mist seems to circle around where her fist is. He does nothing but points towards where his ear would be under his hood, in an attempt to single her to take an earbud out, as he wanted to talk with her.

Meanwhile a couple of gangster thug types spot the woman and start approaching her, their intents clear with how they walked and looked at her.

She almost stumbles with how her punch faded through him, she really held nothing back. As she turned around and got his message, she takes the earbuds out of her ears, holding them by the wires.
“Jesus… that look isn’t natural, even for a supernatural,” she sighs. She hadn’t noticed the thugs from afar since the shadow man’s figure covered them up for her view. Now that she looked at him directly, he would see that she had fangs, massive ones at that. She was an obvious vampire, “What is it?” She asks

“I’ve gotten that before… I would like your help checking on something.” He points to room 17 on the other side of the parking lot. “You see that room there, room 17 I need you to knock on the door and get one person to step outside, just for a moment, then you can carry on with… whatever you’re doing”

The thugs inch closer, becoming slightly more visible.

She listens to him and gets very skeptical about what was going to happen if she listened. Just before she spoke up against his suggestion, she barely spots the thugs behind the shadow man. She instantly covers up her mouth, but just to hide her fangs.
“Shit, people” She says quietly but still audible, now alerted while ducking down a little bit. She looks around and spots the stairs, heads over to them and tries to look as casual as possible. When she gets to the top, she sighs and lets go of her mouth, spotting the door. Somewhat looking over the balcony she looks to see if the shadow man got away from them or not as well.

The shadow man walks casually into a darker area of the stairway, when they try to follow her, he grabs them one by one from the shadows, sapping them of their emotional drive and then leaving them in a vacant room of the motel.

Shortly after that was all said and done he reappears behind her, slowly rising out of the shadows behind her. “Now that that’s been dealt with,” he says as he arrives behind her.

She watched it happen and jolted her face to him when he appeared behind her. She sighs in both relief and some annoyance and puts one hand on her hip
“So you want me to lure the people in that room out?” She asks, pointing to it behind her with her thumb, “Why should I trust you, man? It sounds like you’re trying to kidnap someone”

He looks at her, his eyes red behind his mask “more like cause a distraction, I don’t plan on kidnapping anyone if I can help it, I want answers… I just need to confirm if suspicions are right, before I start asking questions, and those bright lights in the room make it difficult for me to get inside undetected, no shadows to stick to…” He pauses for a moment. “I know you have no reason to trust me, after all, I’m a phantom, known to feed off of the emotional drive and even life force of others, and known to be outcasts even among supernaturals”

He looks out at the surrounding area, thinking to himself about other options and getting the confirmation that he wants and finding out some of the truth about himself.

She stares at him in confusion as he began to monologue and puts a finger to her lip short of him finishing.
“Shh” she says, thinking for a bit, “You did get rid of those people for me, so I guess I owe you one…” she gives in, “Give me a moment to think about what to say”

He nods, “fair enough. I’ll be by the room, waiting” after that he sinks back into the ground and she can catch a glimps of a moving shadow dart past her and down the side of the building, it sticks to the shadows until it stops moving all together, near the room in question.

It takes a few moments for Joseline to think of a way to lure the people in the room out. Then it hits when she sees a night club far out in the view, as she goes to the door and knocks. She doesn’t do anything to hide her pale skin or fangs

There’s movement inside, like someone’s trying to avoid getting caught, doors are heard being shut, just before the door is opened by a scrawny man with spectacles, wearing blue pants, and a green and blue button up shirt, and a jacket that looks like it was just thrown on, underneath his jacket there’s a glimpse of something white hanging from his shirt pocket. he didn’t have a very threatening appearance, in fact to most he would look like little more than a computer geek or one of those pencil pushers at some organization or company. the man adjusts his spectacles before addressing the vampire woman. “May I help you?” He asks.

“Hello sir,” she says kindly, standing in a flattering, but not particularly sexy pose, her ands held behind her back in a petite fashion, “I’m here to advertise an upcoming special event at the local night club.” She gives out the street it was on, close to the motel complex, “Dress up as whatever you wish and get a drink for free!” She says enthusiastically. She then steps to the side.
“Please, come out and see the club, it’s just off in the distance” she says as she politely steps to the side

“I… don’t think I’m interested right now, I’m very busy miss” The scrawny man says in a semi-professional manner, a larger man moves into the room behind the scrawny man. “What are you doing?” He barks, in a deep and threatening voice, he’s wearing a white tank top that has a few blood stains on. “Orders were to not open that door. Ever!” the man was clearly agitated.

“if… he knew we were here, wouldn’t he have come after us already… if he’s truly as dangerous as you said-”

“you haven’t seen him, he’s more dangerous and crafty than you realize” the man goes to shut the door on her, when a shadow slips past the door and appears behind them.

Shortly afterwards the shadow man’s voice speaks from behind them. “you know, it’s rude to shut the door on a lady” the two of them turn around in shock at him, as he just passively walks around the room, turning off certain lights to turn the brightness to normal levels. “I’ll be honest, you did a pretty good job picking this hiding place, nice view of the perimeter, and you can work silently without being unexpectedly disturbed… it’s nice.” The large man grabs the woman by the throat and pulls her inside slamming the door, using her as a shield.

“you wouldn’t dare strike, not when I have your girlfriend here” his grip is much stronger than an average human, but it’s different, like… he’s been modified to have strength to rival supernaturals.

“Hey… don’t bruise her… she… might be good for research later” the scrawny man speaks up, clearly intending research to be more in the way of using her to make something else.

Joseline doesn’t let herself easily get caught, and goes to grab the large man’s fist with one of her hands to combat his strength with her own. She could have used her own powers, but she wanted to see if her vampiric strength could at least be on par with the large man’s. She stares at him dead in the eye, not making any expression so far

The man’s strength does in fact match hers, but he doesn’t seem worried, the Scrawny man takes his jacket off revealing the badge, that says he’s a researcher. He circles the vampire, admiring her strength and supernatural abilities, he adjusts his glasses to take a closer look at her fangs.

Meanwhile the shadow man simply wanders the room, adjusting his gauntlets as he listens carefully as he walks, like he’s listening for something, as he searches, he does however seem aware but wants to use the distraction to his advantage.

Joseline stands her ground against the man’s hand, and then throws a burst of energy into her arm and steps forward once to potentially throw him off balance. Her brows begin to furrow as the researcher kept studying her, but she doesn’t look at him.
“Quit staring at me or I’ll drain you!” She barks at the researcher