Ocean Breaths Salty

Johannes the wraith was once again haunting nimbus station. This time he was haunting one of the medical crew of the station. He started with rearranging her stuff. At first this drove her bonkers but as he kept rearranging things in more ways she couldn’t rationalize it away anymore. That is when his haunting ramped up. He caused things to float around her apartment, destroyed anything related to medicinal practice and caused feelings of paranoia in the apartment.

At this point, Solus Tempus had decided to investigate this. Of course, being that it was a supernatural being who was doing all this, they couldn’t just send security in and call it a day. So James and Phil volunteered, with their ability to fight things like this- and the fact that both are mechanical beings, unable to be frightened.

James entered the apartment with Phil hovering close behind. He didn’t draw a weapon, just observing the current situation calmly and quietly.

By now there was no supernatural occurrences in the apartment apart from the lingering feeling of paranoia. James would be able to feel lingering feelings of hatred directed at the medical instruments, books and trinkets.

OOC: James is totally unarmed.

OOC: I assumed he was since you said he didn’t draw a weapon. Not he didn’t bring a weapon

OOC: He has that weird pocket dimension thing, so he never actually has his weapons with him.

James looks around, and approaches the items that contained the feelng of hatred, and observed them closely.

The items look normal by all standards even if they are destroyed for the most part. As he approaches the items there is also a heavy undercurrent of regret that he would sense though why would not be immediately obvious.

Phil scans the area, while James frowns and looks around again. He attempts to use the Light to perhaps see if the being left a trail of these feelings.

There wasn’t any trail he could see though there was something there. Like a portal to another realm but not accessible to him. A dark place of sorrow and destruction. He might need help in order to continue pursuing this lead or he could investigate the other two places that where haunted often. Finnegan’s and the Observation Deck.

Something had been pinging certain equipment on the station. Those who knew what it was, would have seen the annotated symbol on the stations sensors – however, those that were unaware of what the symbols meant were told to simply report them and leave them be. Simple enough, there were a lot of annotations and symbols that were that way. Still, the supernatural energy present on the station had set off some of the detectors for such things that Obscura had placed in places.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that James and Amber had worked together but she didn’t expect to see him as she carried around a modified Tricorder, it looked like a medical tricorder with the hand-sensor but rather than medical it was equipped with the crystal arrangement for detecting supernatural activity in the area. It wasn’t long before she ran into James suddenly, “Oh.” she says, “I should have expected you to notice.”

James nodded. “Greetings, Amber.” He blinked his glowing red optical sensors. “I did indeed notice, and wished to help Solus Tempus investigate these happenings.”

Soon the ghost notices the tricorder that looked like a medical tricorder. He had seen it being used to treat people and this enraged him. He focuses his energy in the object trying to lift the tricorder in order to smash it down to the ground. By now it would be obvious that anything to do with the medical profession triggered his anger.

Amber isn’t expecting it to come out of her hand and it slips out, she looks at it for a moment, “This is new…” she says quietly almost to herself, when it comes crashing to the ground she tries to catch it and misses and taps her communicator, “Control, we have a potential situation in my section, can you please evacuate this section and seal it. Authorization Cross: Alpha-2-2-6-Zeta-5-Omega-6-November-7.” Operations verifies her authentication code, “Confirmed Commander, evacuation your section and sealing it off.” With that the evacuation alarm sounds and an automated voice instructs people to leave the area immediately, directions appear on the walls pointing the way to the nearest exit.

James attempts to see if he can locate a source for the energy that is attacking the medical tricorder, shutting off his optical sensors in what could be considered closing his eyes.

The source again seems to not be from the material plane. It has punched through from someplace else. A place of chaotic energy. Though since it is such a recent event they would also detect ectoplasm or the psionic remanants of a human spirit that interacts with the material world.

Amber frowns, she preferred the quantifiable numbers of the tricorder that had been specially calibrated, but instead she unzips a bit of her uniform and pulls her pendant free from it, taking it off she casts a spell on it, making it glow gently and the crystal is drawn toward sources of magic, she adjusts the spell as the magic flows from her into the pendant so that it ignores James. The color of the pendant changes from it’s normal blue to a more black-opal coloring, shifting, changing, but definitely dark… It gravitates itself toward the Wraith or in the direction the Wraith has gone, should the Wraiths till be nearby. If it is not, then it seems to be drawn to the path it took while there.

James sighs. “I cannot reach the realm the being originated from without assistance.” He stated, and tilted his head as his sensors opened again.

There would be a solid trail for her to follow leading out of the apartment they where in. A trail that Jason could feel is heavy with regret and envy. Should they follow the trail it will lead them to a nearby observation deck.

Amber couldn’t feel what kind of emotional residue it was really, but she could see that it was dark. “I’ve never seen it turn that color before.” she says to James, “Not much to do but see where it leads.”